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New and infrequently offered courses Spring 2019

New and infrequently offered courses Spring 2019


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David Hyrenbach and Rick Oania-Elam measure a shearwater – Courtesy of Brice Myers

Art meets conservation in an effort to save native birds

Since the beginning of the semester, WCC ceramics students have been collaborating with Oikonos.com and The Hawai‘i Audubon Society to build and install a series of nests at the Freeman Seabird Preserve on O‘ahu. Led by California-based artist Nathan Lynch and bird specialist David Hyrenbach of Hawai‘i Pacific University, this merger of art and environment aims to help increase Hawai‘i’s […]

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The Ka‘ie‘ie Program is designed to help students successfully transfer from WCC to the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa – Ian Jenss

Heading to UH Mānoa? Be ready!

Transferring from WCC or any two-year college to the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UHM) can be a challenging and arduous process. Take it from this writer’s experience. Just when you think you’ve got everything done, there is always more. From submitting the proper health clearances, transcripts and transfer forms to registering for the right classes that fit your needs, […]

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Aperol and Prosecco are the two main ingredients for an Aperol Spritz –MYCAVA.COM

Holiday drinks deliver good tidings

Whether for your own personal enjoyment or for entertaining and wowing your guests, the right beverages to accompany your holiday food can make a dinner that much more satisfying. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, there are bound to be perfect opportunities to whip up some tasty drinks to go along with your rich and savory foods. As a certified […]

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How do you think WCC could be more sustainable?

How do you think WCC could be more sustainable?

I think what WCC could do to become more sustainable is to maybe put gardens around campus so we can have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables so we can have healthier lunches. Or maybe since we use a lot of technology like computers and printers, we can put solar panels on some of the roofs but that might […]

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WCC theatre students come together to bring Myles Fukunaga's case to life in A Walking Shadow – Courtesy of Paliku Theatre

Mental illness takes center stage in theatre production

Last month, WCC theatre students staged “A Walking Shadow” at Palikū Theatre. Written and directed by WCC theatre lecturer Taurie Kinoshita, the play was inspired by the real life case of Myles Fukunaga, a mentally ill 19-year-old who in 1928 kidnapped and murdered a boy in Honolulu and then was sentenced to death and executed within three weeks of the […]

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Makani Yogi, Malia Heimuli and Maile Wong root native Hawaiian plants at Hui Ku Maoli Ola Nursery –Rick Oania-Elam

Students collaborate to promote native plants

There are many WCC programs that use, study and promote native Hawaiian plants. While the campus has its own collection of native plants, WCC’s botany classes will be collaborating with Hui Kū Maoli Ola, a nursery located just a few minutes away on Haiku Road, to grow and do research on ‘ōhi‘a, koa and other native Hawaiian plants from the […]

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