Let the games begin — WinGG draws weekly crowds


Nick Logue, Annette Priesman, Paul Briggs, Ashley Romero and Ann Lemke join in the fun of playing Phase 10 — a variant of rummy — at the Feb. 18 meeting of the campus gaming club, WinGG.

More than 50 attendees (and 18 pizzas) showed up at the inaugural meeting of WinGG, WCC’s gaming club.

“I was stunned, in awe and excited about the number we had,” said club advisor and theatre instructor Nick Logue. “I was ball-parking at around 20 and (the club officers) were like, ‘no no no, just trust us. People are going to come in droves to this event.”

Those who showed up participated in pen and paper, card, board and dice games. While video games were not at this event, plans to implement them are currently in the works.

A WinGG membership costs $5, which will be valid until the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, comes with a point card. Points are gained in various ways by participating in club events, and those points can be spent on things such as shirts, dice sets, games, tournament entrance fees, raffles and more. However, you don’t have to be a member to play.

“If you’re here to better yourself and to learn, playing games teaches you creative problem-solving, deduction, resource management — all the skills you need to be good at anything in life, really,” said Logue. “If you really want to learn a lot, grow your brain and have a great time, come play games with us.”

Starting in March, WinGG will be meeting every Wednesday in the cafeteria at 3 p.m. unless otherwise notified. Food and snacks will be available for purchase for $1.

The money earned via concession and membership will be used to purchase more games for the club and for free food for the members during certain events.

While games will be available for everyone, players are also encouraged to bring their own games to share with their fellow gamers.

“We’re not all greasy, Cheeto-stained trolls. A lot of us are nice people, and we would like you to come play games with us,” said Mike Andrews, a member of WinGG. “Please don’t be intimidated to come down.”

For more information or to be added to the WinGG mailing list, contact Logue at logue@hawaii.edu.

by Eric Levine, Ka ‘Ohana Staff Reporter