Rain Bird plans a feather-flapping party

Photo by Tiffany Hayler

The Rain Bird staff invites all to come and join the “influenced” festivities May 6 on campus.

Get on your party shoes for this spring’s Rain Bird launch party Wednesday, May 6, at 11:30 a.m. outside Palikū Theatre.

The event will celebrate the authors and artists published in WCC’s literary art journal with this year’s theme, “Under the Influence.”

When asked to describe the party, the staff could not pin down a specific theme. Some said “flapper style or Mardi Gras,” while others replied “wild ragger, risky and flashy.”

As they spoke, they, too, seemed to be “under the influence.”

“It’s pretty much going to be a big, wild rave,” said Robert Barclay, Rain Bird advisor. All of the journal’s staff smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.

This whirlwind of a party will feature festive music as well as colorful non-alcoholic beverages served by a bartender in the Boom Boom Room. Some of the drinks will include The Magical Molly, Space Cadets, Topples and Shapeshifters. All are on the house, of course.

During the festivities, the journal’s cover for this year’s theme will be proudly displayed and the brand new books distributed. “We are presenting everyone with a free copy of the campus’s literary art journal,” said Barclay.

The party will also host the grand premiere of a short video, which has been filmed, acted and directed by WCC students.

“The Hand is Striking,” adapted from the poem “Hogwallerkein,” is about an Earth girl, Laura, who accidentally time travels through time and space to a planet of hostile Veisskeins, natives to the planet, who are struggling to survive as they slowly get picked off by the Hogwallerkein.

So, drop by this crazy “Under the Influence” party and experience the talent of our campus.

by Tiffany Hayler, Ka ‘Ohana Editor in Chief