Tighten your laces; the games are just beginning (Video)

The sound of cheering breaks the crisp night air as a shot on WCC’s soccer goal is blocked. This is the first year that WCC has been invited to play in intramurals against other Oahu community colleges on the island.

Photo by Tiffany Hayler

Windward students (light-colored jerseys) snag the soccer ball from an opposing player.

This year Windward students were up for the challenge. There were two coed teams – a Black team (Roosters) and a Green team (Gamecocks).

Most of the students had some experience, but there were a few who were new to the sport.

“We had a teammate who had never played soccer before, ever, but he turned out to be one of our best goalies,” said Nicole Hayler, a player for the Black team. “His football skills came in handy.”

Now, even though there is no slide tackling or roughhousing, and injuries are few and far between, things still get a little hairy out on the field. Yet, all of the players are experienced enough to take a bit of jostling for the sake of a goal.

Michelle Osurman, a player for the Green team, experienced one of these moments. “I ate it, I literally ate it. . . all that grass and dirt,” she said, grinning, “but it was part of the moment. Yes, it has a competitive edge to it, but everyone still plays for fun.”

While the games are the main part of intramurals, students also get the chance to make new friends from other community colleges or even from their own campuses.

“It was a fun experience to meet new people while playing a sport you love,” said Osurman.

As for other intramural sports, basketball is offered in April and will be played on Wednesdays at Salt Lake district park gym. Other sports offered during the year are volleyball, dodge ball, kick ball and flag football.

So, why should you join intramural sports? “Because it’s fun, competitive, a great way to meet new people, mingle with other campuses, develop skills, create a sense of pride (as well as) team building and leadership development,” said Ryan Perreira, counselor and intramurals coordinator.

by Tiffany Hayler, Ka ‘Ohana Editor in Chief