What should be done with the detainees at Guantánamo?

Detainees are loaded onto a rendition flight to Guantánamo

Detainees are loaded onto a rendition flight to Guantánamo

If we still have prisoners there that are essential to the security of the nation, then we should process them legally, extract credible information and release them or execute them accordingly.
The fact that they have been there for so long indicates that they know either very little or nothing at all. This would prompt a negative outcome should they be released without keeping tabs on them.
If they aren’t terrorists to begin with, it is most likely that through this experience we have surely created some.
—William Cook


I believe that they should be brought to the U.S. I have never really understood the reasons for keeping them there in the first place. Maybe out of sight, out of mind.
It doesn’t make any sense when we have more than enough prison facilities in the U.S. to house them.
I’m sure most of the prisoners could also be set free because they’ve never really been charged with anything, just suspected, and that is not a good enough reason to continue imprisonment and torture.
—Donita Garcia


I think there needs to be a huge overhaul. We need to look closely at each prisoner and think if they need to be in any prison at all. Any prisoner who does need to be locked up should be moved to a super-max federal prison in the U.S.
We have enough of them, why do we keep our prisoners in another country? Especially since we are “not” torturing them; this shouldn’t be an issue.
This could also be used as a peace symbol to Cuba, as we’d shut down the last symbol of our long-standing conflict.
—Stephen Hughes


I feel that it is good that the detainees are kept outside of the U.S. mainly because they are assumed to be terrorists. What I do not agree with is the fact that they do not have a right to defend themselves in court. It violates the Constitution. —Jacob Sanders


I think that we should stop treating them so bad because we are already hated enough. Why are we spending money to keep them there anyways? For every person we beat and torture and let go, I bet they will go straight to ISIS.
—Drake Salsedo