How many hours a day do you spend on social media? What are the impacts of this technology on society?

social-media-appsIn total, possibly two hours.

Social skills, communication and physicality all go out the window. On one hand, we have not been more connected as a people. Conversely, we have not been more disconnected to the people around us. We drown ourselves in technology and become dependent on it in a way that cripples us as individuals and as a whole. We forget the simplest things that, in times of crisis and survival, are critical to the lives of everyone. How many people are able to start a fire, cook without a microwave, grow or hunt their own food? I doubt a tutorial on YouTube is going to prepare anyone for the rigors of life. Social media is the biggest excuse for not living your life and ultimately watching others live theirs.
—William Cook


Four hours.

One positive effect of technology is that the world is more connected than ever before. With social media you can find out what is happening around the world with the swipe of your finger. It has given people a voice to protest oppression and at the same time allows everyone to see the good that is happening in the world. On the other hand, social media detaches us from the world sometimes. It consumes hours of our days and leaves us addicted for more. It also has turned us into a helpless society. People don’t know how to do anything, and it’s okay because they can just Google it. So what are we giving up when we pick up our phones?
—‘Ekolu Nakamaejo


Honestly, I spend about 16 hours of my day awake, and 14 of those hours intermittently texting throughout my day.

Facebook and texting are so accessible that it’s become so easy to share your thoughts with other people instantly. I’ve developed the habit of texting often. The positive impacts of instant communication are that if someone is ever in a crisis, or needs to get a word out to a group of people quickly, then it is very useful. However, instant communication has a negative impact of taking up too much of our time. I have experimented by shutting off my Facebook before and ignoring phone texts, and it felt great. I enjoyed the feeling of being disconnected from everyone. It was like I had my own space to think more for myself instead of always reacting to a story I read or a text conversation I was having. This technology also deters people from physical human interactions. Technological interactions are becoming more the norm. You see kids on their cellphones more than you see them conversing nowadays.
—Angel DiSylvestro


Roughly two hours.

Many people make joking reference to “FOMO,” or “fear of missing out.” Although it is a funny thought—that our friends’ status updates can cause serious stress or anxiety in someone else’s life—it does happen. A few years ago, I couldn’t last more than five minutes without picking up my phone. It was the weirdest thing. And for awhile, I almost had this self-loathing feeling all the time. Because on social media, we get to see all the highlights of other people’s lives, which makes us feel that our own lives aren’t as memorable or significant. Since then, I have completely abandoned almost all unimportant social media. I still text quite often with friends and watch YouTube videos, but nothing more. And I am very happy that I chose to give that up.
—Max Irons


I probably spend one to two hours each day texting with family on the mainland and with my fiancée.

This ability to share information on a large scale in a short time could be amazing if we were not so distracted by funny cat videos. Imagine if this medium was used to raise the American political consciousness.
—Sean McKinney


Maybe at most one hour texting only.

I do not have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For me, it’s a life choice. I haven’t had any type of social media in over five years. My life is perfectly fine without it. I tell my friends “If you need to get in touch with me, you have my phone number. Just give me a call.” It is so sad when you go out to dinner and you see a family at a table all glued to their mobile devices, not even conversing with each other. What happened to normal conversation at the dinner table? We can blame social media for that.
—Ike Kaluhiokalani


I spend about 9+ hours texting, 5+ hours Tweeting, along with Instagram. I could spend all day on social media, even while driving, walking, at the store, chillin’ with friends, etc.

Technology has advanced over the years; positive and negative impacts slowly started to appear. The positive side is that we no longer have to wait for our favorite shows to come on…we can hop on our devices and watch them anywhere. We can also Facetime or Skype with people around the world without having to wait for the letter in the mail. But technology may have produced negative benefits for society, like for example, a falsely made profile that leaves you wondering who you are talking to.
—Preston Borne