Rain Bird reigns no more; Pueo has risen … and he’s hungry!

Pueo design by Glenn Freitas.
Pueo design by Glenn Freitas.

One night, Professorial Overlord Barclay looked to the starry heavens (because it was nighttime), searching soulfully for an answer to life’s deepest question: what should the new name of our literary and art publication be?

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a massive and culturally significant owl soaring through the skies of beautiful Windward Community College. He let out a guttural scream because it was just so beautiful!

The owl swooped down to the ground and sunk its claws into a plover, just as one sinks their eye into a good piece of art.

The Plover was assimilated into the Pueo’s being, devoured, just as one would devour a good story with a slice of cake on the side.

“Aha!” he screamed. “The name of The Rain Bird should be changed to Pueo!”

And thus the name of WCC’s literary and art journal was changed forever to Pueo Literary and Art Journal!

He rushed to the three sacred locations—the Library, the Bookstore and ‘Ākoakoa 236—and placed the entry forms along with the legendary entry boxes.

“Let it be known that today, on this unspecified day in time, that The Pueo calls for sustenance in the form of short stories, poetry and art!” he announced.

Anna Petty, Mary Ott, Devan Meinhart, Ryan Tong and Nicholas Gama heard the call to action. They pledged themselves to the mighty Pueo, and pledged their loyalty to English 280: Book Production.

And this is the part of the story where you become a legend! Submit your art and writing to the Pueo at the library, bookstore or ‘Ākoakoa 236 for a chance to be in an actual, physical, real, in-your-hands published book.

Employers love this kind of stuff! It’ll make your résumé look WOW!

So swoop on by and grab an entry form. A description of this year’s theme is on the back. May the odds be ever in your favor!

by Mary Ott, Devan Meinhart, Ryan Tong and Nicholas Gama, Special to Ka ‘Ohana