What do you think of the $1 million pay raise being given to University of Hawai’i executives and managers?

WCC seal newOne million dollars certainly is a sharp pay raise. It would be fantastic to see that extra money invested back into the school, such as repairing and updating sections of the school, funding clubs and programs, and making expenses less costly for students.

– Thomas Rose


Personally, I don’t mind the $1 million pay raise because UH executives and managers got to where they are by working hard and working smart. However, executives and managers are probably paid well enough to live comfortably, more comfortable than most I assume so even though the UH executives and managers may have “earned” the pay raise perhaps the money could go to people who actually need it.

– Daniel Conley


I think UH big wigs needing a pay raise would be a lie, but there will always be ways and reasons for these people to line their own pockets. What is most offensive about it is how much these very same people cry how cash-strapped and poor UH is and raise tuition. The real question that needs to be asked is where is all this suddenly available money coming from? My guess would be from the very same coffers they claim are constantly empty as they slash budgets and hike up tuition and parking rates. They do this because they can, as they are the one making the decisions. This issue is not uncommon in modern American universities and just goes to demonstrate the need for oversight when it comes to public higher education.

– Bryson Cheung


I think a $1 million pay raise for UH executives and managers is a ridiculously exceeding amount of money on top of the already ridiculously high amount of money they already make and the money could be better used for the homelessness issue! I believe it’s important for the head of the education system to be compensated for their work since it benefits everyone’s future being that education is key to success, but there should be a limit to the luxuries they are allowed. Since the students aren’t even able to afford going to school anymore. The money could be offered as scholarships to help aid tuition fees. Without students, they wouldn’t have a job.

– Cindy Ke


One million dollars is a lot of money. I’m not sure what the job description consists of for UH executives and managers; however, I believe a majority of that money would be better spent on the actual teachers and professors. People educating our future generations are most important and yet don’t get paid well.

– Amanda Mundon


I am all for this $1 million pay raise; however, I am against who it is going to. I feel that these monies should be going to professors who have more contact and greater influence on students. I am pretty sure that an average professor does not make a ton of money and that they are under paid. I know a few professors who are working a second job. I feel that the monies should go to the professors because they fully devote themselves to students. They are not just at the college working; I guarantee it. Why is it that executives and managers get this money? I feel that the professors go unnoticed and are not credited for all that they do to ensure students are gaining knowledge.

– Yecenia Perry


This pay raise angers me a little. The cost of education at Mānoa is pricey even for residents. This is money that could be going toward more scholarships or to make parking free on campus. Mānoa’s parking permits are over $400 and sell out within the first week. I have two classes at Mānoa and each week it costs me $24 just to park. A pay raise is great for the executives and managers, but I don’t see how or why they should be the only ones who benefit.

– Rhiannon Callahan


It’s ridiculous. In an effort to help our economy, the pay raise should be given to those who make minimum wage and aren’t making enough to live. I imagine that UH executives and managers are paid enough that they can provide for their families, and then some. In what way is raising a person’s salary and likely living a comfortable lifestyle improving the economic state in Hawai’i? The workload these people have might be the same, if not lesser than that of a full-time mechanic or a full-time teacher. Most people are overworked and underpaid at their jobs. Why is it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? To me, it is because of unnecessary pay raises and the lack of attention given to those working just as hard and barely getting by.

– Nālani Stanley


I think that it is completely and utterly disgraceful for an academic official to receive such a substantial amount of money while our schools still need so much. Hawai’i is one of the slowest and under-funded states when it comes to education so this truly is a blow to the faculty and students. Profiting in the academic world is always a terrible trade-off for the students. I would argue that the job they do NEVER is deserving of that much money. Think of all the upgraded books, new computers, sidewalk and road repairs, microscopes and many other things that the schools are not receiving because of this greedy bonus.

– Kyle Leland


They are important people in the school system so they must feel that it’s a good thing. I hope that these people are thinking of ways that it would benefit the UH system. The pay raise must have been given out only to improve UH so I feel it is a positive thing. On the other hand, I’m feeling like how does the government just hand out $1 million when there are other issues that need to be addressed. The homeless could sure use that $1 million to find a program to improve the chances of more homeless in the future.

– Travis B.W.


I just recently heard about this $1 million pay rase to the executives and managers at UH. Personally, I find it ridiculous. These employees should be putting that $1 million back into the school to further benefit the youth and students attending UH campuses. Most teachers, counselors, office workers or student instructors are not here working for the pay. They are here to help us succeed through school. It is never about the money.

– Kennedy Kugle


I feel that a $1 million pay raise to the executives and managers of UH should also consider the underpaid faculty and students going into debt. It would better the face of UH if instead they took that money and lowered tuition costs and raise the pay of faculty. The faculty are the people who work the hardest to provide students with a better education, and lowering tuition costs would inspire many students who can’t afford college to give it a try. I completely disagree with the $1 million pay raise to be given to the UH executives and managers. There will be a right time for a raise, but right now is not the time.

– Casey Maloney