Which presidential candidates have impressed you? Are you planning to vote in the election next year?

Image by Patrick Hascall
Image by Patrick Hascall

The only presidential candidate who has caught my attention in a positive way is Senator Bernie Sanders. He stands up for the middle and lower class and truly wants to better our country. I will definitely vote in this election because in no way do I want Donald Trump to win. He is unqualified and openly racist. The fact that people support him baffles me. Vote for Bernie! – Ryan Taylor


I really like candidate Ben Carson from the Republican Party. A lot of his stands on several issues are similar to mine. For example, he is mandating management of the budget because of the responsibility the generations of the future have to pay it back is ever increasing. Thus, he wants to bring the debt down or stop it from increasing any more to provide a better future for our children and grandchildren. Another issue is the “keep faith in our society.” He doesn’t want to force Christianity on others, but he believes the first amendment of religious freedom goes to everyone, Christians and other religions as well. He doesn’t want prayer to be driven out of the public and the same can be said for other religions. Yes, I plan to participate in the 2016 elections. I have finally turned 18 so I can have a say. I mean, I pay taxes now so I should practice my constitutional right to vote as well. – Sunshine David


All the presidency candidates that are running for President in the 2016 election have not impressed me. Donald Trump wants to deport all hard working immigrants and wants to go to war with ISIS. Hillary Clinton wants to become the first female president. These are the two main people that caught my attention. I will not be voting in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. There is no reason for me to vote. It makes me look like a good citizen, but that’s it. I know my vote does not count, the only votes that count are the politicians. I can vote for Hillary Clinton and so can 30,000 other people and our vote still would not matter. From what I see and hear all over the social media, I do believe Donald Trump will win as president. Although my vote is not towards anyone. – Ruth Avarado


Donald Trump has really impressed me. He is the example of what life is. There are so many people on an equal scale against him or for him because of the kinds of issues he pays attention to. Whether people are for him or against him, he draws attention to get people thinking, and I think that’s what we really need more of, people to just really pay attention more to what they think matters. – Jasmine Ternura


Bernie Sanders has really captured my attention. He wants equal rights for everyone, women to have control over their own bodies and free tuition at public universities. He has been fighting for these things long before he began his presidential campaign and I believe that with many more people having his ideas, he will be successful in making them happen. I am planning on voting. Many young people do not take advantage of their right to vote, and I don’t want to be one of those people. Your vote does matter, so I don’t plan on wasting mine – Caitlin Suntheimer


To be completely honest, this 2016 presidency election seems to be a joke to everyone. I feel that the current candidates are not looking for the best of their people but instead their own personal interest. I remember in past elections, the selected candidates would show America that they have a plan to better this country, they have a plan to give their people a better life, and they had a plan to lead. I do not see these values in the current candidates but, I will be voting in this upcoming election because my voice will be heard, and I will pick the best of the candidates running. No vote, no grumble. – Casey Maloney