How do you balance school and your personal life?

I balance school and my personal life as any person would is to make a list or write what has to be done at home and at school. I keep things separate because to me balancing school and your personal life is like a juggling act where it’s figuring out what is more important to you at home and at school. It’s mainly choosing what is the main priorities at school whether it’s studying for a math exam or at home it would be making sure at home everything is taken care of or vice versa. – Karanne Souza


I truly do not know how I can balance school and my personal life. I just got to do, what I got to do. Life goes on and I just got to keep moving. School is a challenge, no doubt about that, but no one said life was going to be easy. I would need to put some time aside for school work to be done, and the other side to deal with whatever personal needs I need to work on. Separating the two would make things a little easier. – Alexandria Tuia


It’s hard already to balance school and work which are my priorities, but having to add in a social/personal life can be fairly difficult. I feel like I hardly ever have time to sleep. When I’m not at school, I’m at work, and when I have some spare time I’ll do my homework. I try to get a group of friends together and do homework so that I’m killing two birds with one stone. I’d be spending time with friends and getting work done. I normally have school in the morning till noon and I usually have work right after until around 9. After 9, I just want to go home and sleep but if I have to, I’ll do my homework and sleep whenever I finish. It can be exhausting sometimes but it’s all worth it in the end. – Ka’ili LaBang


Based on how poorly I am performing in school at the moment, I would like to assume that I am not balancing school and my personal life properly. What I’ve been attempting to do is have two days to hang out with my girlfriend, three days to work, one day to do all my school work, and one day to do any chores or errands that needs to be done. I spent the entire summer coming up with this schedule and I like it, but I feel as though there is not enough dedicated time for school and that’s why I am not doing the best that I could be. Not to mention I’ve been asked to work another day per week due to low staff and availability. I would usually just say no, but I am fairly low on funds and could use the extra cash so I might have to work four days a week which would make things quite difficult. I am gonna have to re-plan my strategy. – Noah DeReis


For me how I balance school is pretty simple. All I do is micromanage my school time and my personal time. Just really knowing when to do things at a particular time. Preferably I would like to get all my school work done so I can go out and enjoy my personal time. Sadly, this semester I’m lacking in that. For me, balancing the two is easy, but it’s a choice I make. Prioritizing your time is such a crucial time when you’re in college. It’s quite common sense in reality. What to do in this situation, and what not to do in another situation. The choice is merely up to you. – Justin Hudcovic


I try to finish homework at school so that when I get home I can do other things such as hang out with friends, go surfing or play video games. Completing work at school, in an environment where everyone is doing the same thing, helps me to concentrate.There are less distractions which leads to work getting done faster and in better quality. So not only do my grades benefit, but so does my personal life. – Micah Favrot


I try to balance school and personal life by finishing my work at school so when I drive off campus, I don’t have to worry about homework because I finished it before I left. I have five classes back-to-back on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., so I’d need to stay on top of my workload otherwise everything would be a mess. – Kavika Mataele


One way to balance school and personal life is being organized and taking good notes. I write down all of my assignments, and on my calendar I write the due date. Organization helps me create a path that I can easily change and adapt. Without it, I am lost. My social life is pretty much reduced to minimum, and I don’t really remember the last time I had the luxury of sleeping more than six hours. It is challenging to balance school and personal life, however I signed up for school because I wanted it. And I want to make the best out of it not only for myself, but to the professor and classmates. – Fé Bailey