How would you solve the ongoing maintenance issues at Hawai`i’s public schools?

tools3A long-term solution that I would propose for solving the maintenance issues at Hawai’i’s public schools would be giving each school solar panels. By giving solar panels to each school, this will help to save state money in the long run, and the extra money could be used to upgrade each school slowly. I feel like if each school runs on solar, then saving enough money to renovate and add the necessary facilities would come in no time. Another solution for solving the maintenance problem would be to take money from high paid political leaders and use that money to upgrade the public schools. Another way would be to have a fund for public school upgrades and make it tax-deductible like any other charity. – Trenton Higashi

My bias solutions would be student involvement in school maintenance. I speak from experience that is why I hold bias. I attended Lahainaluna High School as a boarder where 90 dormers maintain the whole campus with the additional farmland and livestock animals. As a boarder, we were obligated to work at least three hours a day, excluding Sundays. On weekdays, we work an hour before and two hours after school. Not [only] does using students create a big workforce, it also creates a pride within the whole school.  – Joshua Akau


Hawai‘i public schools should require students to clean up on campus at least once a week. Hawai‘i public schools have some or even many run-down equipment, graffiti in bathrooms or even the walls. If the students know how much hard work needs to be put in in maintaining their campus, a lot can be done. If students show the faculty they are willing to take care of their school, they should have their equipment upgraded/fixed. – Jasmine Ternura


Growing up in Hawai’i, I’ve attended public schools my whole life. Ever since I was in elementary school, there has always been problems. Let’s just address the three obvious problems: unsanitary bathrooms, lack of A/C units, classroom equipment. Now, I attended Kahuku High School and the only bathroom that was clean was the front office bathroom. Take note that there are probably 20 restrooms on campus, give or take. Just recently there are being multiple cases of heat exhaustion inside classrooms. Again, my high school’s only A/C room was the library! I’d like to see the president of DOE in a non A/C room for six hours every day. There are so much more things wrong with public schools, the list goes on and on. – Cole Peterson


I would use people in jail to help maintain public schools. Everyone has seen or even was one of the people on the side of the road picking up trash or doing maintenance as community service. However, many people who do community service for court or in jail possess the basic skills to do certain types of maintenance at schools, like fixing pipes and plumbing or light fixtures and vents. As for the people in jail, perhaps they could be trained in jail to do these types of repairs, but they must meet requirements like they have to be non-violent criminals and pose no danger or threat to the students. This would be helpful because inmates would also have training and skills for a job when they are released and maybe prisoners could trade a certain amount of work hours for a certain amount of time taken off of their sentence like other countries do. – Daniel Conley


One of the long-term solution I would propose for solving the maintenance issues at Hawai’i public schools is maybe setting up surveillance cameras around the schools to watch who goes in and out of the bathrooms. Another thing they could do is have security near the area. They could have maintenance check the bathrooms more frequent. The school could even talk to the students about helping out keeping the bathrooms clean. – Sheena Nazare


Have regular janitorial staff if there isn’t anyone already full-time. Volunteer work or community/school cleanups. Recycling and trash bins around campus. Values and ethics start at home. Parent/school assembly announcements. School video on maintenance and cleanliness. – Michelle Medeiros


One issue are bathrooms. At my school more than half the time there were no soap or paper towels. Another issue is the classrooms not being cleaned properly by the janitors. A lot of times the floors were completely dirty and the teachers or students would have to clean them. – Kainoa Wright