What is your best memory from this summer?

Courtesy of Patrick Hascall
Courtesy of Patrick Hascall

My best memory from this summer would have to be kayaking to the Moke in Lanikai. It was such an amazing experience, especially because I have never kayaked before and I ended up being so good at it. It was such an adventure exploring and seeing a new place. I have recently moved to Hawai‘i and I have so much more to see and I am very excited to explore a whole new place.

– Amanda Liete


My best memory from this summer was going to the island of Kaua‘i for the first time. The only other outer island I’ve been to before would be Maui. One of my good friends has family that lives on Kaua‘i, so I was fortunate enough to stay there for a week with them. It was fun playing tourist by going hiking, going to the north shore beaches, and going shopping at local boutiques. It’s extremely laid back over there, and it was a perfect place to just relax.

– Maile Butler


My best memory this summer was when I went fishing with a group of friends and one of my friends were fortunate enough to catch an ulua!

– Elijah Montgomery


My best memory from this summer is my staycay at the Aulani. My family and I had our very first stay at the Aulani Resort in Ko ’Olina. We stayed for two nights and three days. It was an awesome experience, we enjoyed every minute of it. Although we were unable to get the Kama’aina rate because during the summer they have what’s called their “blackout dates,” we were happy with the stay, and it was worth every penny! The kids really enjoyed eating breakfast with the characters, and my husband and I enjoyed the dinner buffet. Itʻs really cool how they have about four different pool areas to choose from in the resort and some include water slides and a lazy river.

– Kristi Kepa


My favorite memory from over the summer would be participating in my family’s summer camp reunion. Although my father’s side of the family all stay on this island, we all get really busy and can’t find the time to get together during a regular school year. To make sure that everyone will be available, we plan to hold this camp over the summer. We would let everyone know in the beginning of the school year what week it will be held so that they could take off of work and make sure that they’ll be attending. This past summer camp was by far the best that I’ve went to. What made this one stand out more than all the other years would be because we had a band called “Sons of Yeshua” play for us on the last night. Everyone enjoyed the company of one another and loved sitting down talking story about how their year went.

– Anestacia Carlisle


Well my best memory was simply spending quality time with my friends and loved one around the house. Spending long nights holding my girlfriend tight and watching Netflix together was one of the most emotionally restoring things I could do for myself after work or helping fix up my family’s townhouse to get ready for sale.

– The Ever Free King


My best memory of this summer was getting to see my sister for a few weeks as she lives up in Oregon. She only comes down once every few years so getting to see her again was my favorite part of this past summer.

– Billy Paulo


Being on stage and singing, that is my passion. I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to join the First Presbyterian Church’s praise and worship team this summer.

I would describe this as my best memory from this summer because I was given the opportunity to tell a story and alter the congregations views on Christ and remind them to trust in God. I sang a small solo in the song In God We Trust and it was the most amazing feeling in the world to learn about God while doing what I love at the same time. One thing I learned and have also experienced before that will definitely carry on into the near future is that you should always rehearse before you perform and never think that you don’t need to warm up because your voice is an instrument that can never be replaced so it should be well taken care of. I’m currently still singing with the praise and worship team, and I couldn’t feel any more happier and content with my relationship with God and the power of a singing.

– Daphnei Hussein


The best memory I recall from the past summer is being able to spend time with my mom. My mom is an important person to me because she is my back bone. She raised me as a single mother and being able to just be around her and learn from her was incredible. My mom taught me to make homemade bread this summer and it was a great bonding moment for us. My mom is part of the generation filled with hardworking women. I am glad that the past summer I had the time to spend, learn and laugh with her.

– Debra Barenaba-Setok