Windward art gallery presents student art show

Taylor James Kipapa
Photos by Taylor James Kipapa

On Friday, Oct. 28, Gallery ‘Iolani opened its newest exhibit, Confluence, featuring art created by WCC students.

“Confluence means coming together,” said art professor and gallery coordinator Toni Martin. “And that’s what this is: art, students and programs are coming together with the art.”

Martin said she creates student shows every two years and this is the fifth edition of Confluence.

“We have an amazing art program, and I think it is really important to show what goes on here,” Martin said. “For a long time, we’ve been known in the university system as having one of the best art programs.”

Confluence features student work from studio art classes in ceramics, design, color theory, drawing, gallery design and management, painting, photography, screen printing and sculpture.

art-statue“It is an explosion of creative beauty,” she said. “We want to esteem the students. This is for them to get excited about a show and to teach them what it’s like to enter a show, which they can do when they’re professionals.”

Armi Habal, an art student at WCC, crafted a piece where someone can see a reflected or mirror image of themselves.

“The protruding squares on the sides are the steps that lead to a somewhat door of a passageway that leads to a platform where there is a fountain in the middle and two enormous arms that are almost in an embrace,” she said. “So as one sits by the fountain and looks up, he or she will see themselves somewhat reflected and hopefullwy memories come flooding in.”

Habal explored her creative side to make the piece for the show.

“It was challenging to create since I had to make a 3D out of a flat cardboard paper,” she said.

Martin commits herself to choosing a concept for each gallery exhibit and creates her shows with the intention of each one being different than the last.

art-shirt“Years ago, I did art by senior citizens,” she said. “Some of those people were once students here and that was a very popular show. One year I did three exhibits in one semester of master photographers.”

While major art museums have large staffs, Martin wears many hats.

“A gallery has a curator, a designer, and someone who installs the show. I do it all,” she said.

Confluence will run at the gallery, located near Palikū Theatre, from Oct. 28 to Nov. 28. Mondays through Fridays and Sundays from 1-5 p.m.

For more information, visit or call 236-9155.


by Taylor James Kipapa, Ka ‘Ohana Staff Reporter