What ideas do you have to increase enrollment at WCC?


I think a way to increase enrollment at WCC would be to have more  options as in the hours and days that the classes are available.

– Evelyn Gallardo


My idea to increase enrollment at WCC is perhaps offer free laptops or iPads for students. A lot of colleges do this, and I believe it will increase the enrollment here at WCC.

– Titus Kaleikini


​My idea to ​increase enrollment at WCC is not a new one. During spring and fall 2014, I enrolled in English courses that were offered during the later part of the day. Working full time during the day and going to school in the afternoon is ideal for some. Hoping more classes to be offered during late afternoon and evening would be great.

– Debra Ledward


Coming from a student athlete’s point of view, I believe that if WCC were to implement an athletics program with sports such as tennis, volleyball, track and field, and basketball, etc., as well as them being able to travel and participate in intercollegiate tournaments, this would gain a lot of interest in WCC. There are a lot of other ways that could help increase student enrollment, however, adding a sports/athletics program stands out the most for me because it will be very beneficial. It would give this population an option to be able to stay in their home state, attend an affordable college, as well as play college sports, which is every student athlete’s dream.

Many student athletes either go to universities here in Hawai‘i or go off-island because none of the community colleges here have an athletics program. Therefore, they don’t really have a choice. Alongside a sports program, it would be awesome if WCC would build a gymnasium sports facility. This would also attract many potential student athletes. Hawai‘i produces extraordinary well-rounded student athletes, which is why I believe that if WCC makes student athletes a target population by implementing an athletics program, then their student enrollment will definitely increase exponentially.

– Salamasina Te’i


Though it may not increase foot traffic on campus but for pure enrollement numbers, more classes should be offered online. Another way would be to request legislative support for offering a bachelor’s degree on campus.

– Jonathan Takahashi


Attending Windward Community College is an awesome opportunity that every person should get the chance to experience. It is really unfortunate that whenever the economy is higher, that the rate for enrollment at community colleges decreases. Most people think that since the economy is rising, they have a greater chance to make more money. In some cases, that may be true, but in other cases, the economy is so unpredictable that you never really know when it will decrease again.

In order to increase student enrollment here at Windward Community College, I believe that the college should get out into the community and present all the benefits that come with attending this great school. In my personal experience, I had to come to the Windward Community College campus to find out all the information I needed to attend this semester. It would be great if the school could host events out in the community that are similar to the ones that we have here on campus. Word of mouth and who you know are the two main things that people look for when they are interested into jumping into something. College can be an intimidating thing, but if WCC hosts events out in the community, it will allow people the chance to realize that WCC is one big ‘ohana and that we have countless resources that can help them in any path they wish to take. I believe that by getting out into the community and spreading the word of the resources we have here on campus will help increase student enrollment at Windward Community College.

– Autumn-Raine Hesia


To increase enrollment at WCC, I think we have to change the perception some high school students have of community colleges. While attending high school, no one wanted to stay in Hawai‘i for college or go to a community college. But if WCC highlighted courses that have the most positive feedback, students might change their minds. Also, as current student, I think that adding more food option on campus would be beneficial. Some community colleges on island have multiple food trucks on campus. However, the main thing to increase enrollment woud be to show prospective students that the can further their education while having fun.

– Kacie Libby-Pailaau


My ideas to increase student enrollment at WCC is to give out more scholarships, college is pretty expensive and if there are more opportunities to get free money to pay for college it will help out a lot for many people. Also get a variety of new classes. The major I am going into isn’t at WCC so I’m taking my liberals right now and when I am done in going to transfer to another university to finish my degree.

– Deandra Muraoka