What about your cultural heritage are you most proud of?


I’m proud of my Mexican heritage because it’s something that’ll always be a part of me. My values growing up were really similar to the way my mom and dad grew up, both in Mexican households. It’s made me a very sweet and considerate person because of how my parents raised me. I grew up knowing the quality of things and of life, making sure to do things that make me feel alive more often. Even with food, I would never want to waste food because my parents made me eat everything and anything. They raised me with some Spanish growing up although I forgot it as quickly as I learn it. I’m proud to have grown up Mexican, and I plan to keep my culture with me for the rest of my life.

–Victoria Hood


As a Filipino, I’m proud of how we’re a hardworking culture. I’ve noticed Filipinos have great work ethic. Whether their job is something like a custodian to a teacher, they go above and beyond what’s expected. Visiting the Philippines a couple of times, I would always see Filipinos working hard in farms and such. We truly are hard workers. This doesn’t just apply to jobs, but they apply to other things as well. Filipinos study hard, focusing on their education. They’re always doing chores around the house from cleaning to cooking. They can do any job to the best of their ability. Being a Filipino has taught me a lot about work ethic. No matter what I’m doing, I always tend to try my best and never give up. It’s safe to say their work ethic is definitely wired inside of me now.

– Iuan Joseph M. Garo


I am Hawaiian. I can track back my heritage to the time of King Kamehameha the First. I am most proud of our means of self-sustainability. Hawaiians lived off the land and ocean without completely destroying the ecosystem. The agriculture and fishpond system not only provided food for the people but sustained the supply as to efficiently manage resources. Water, which meant wealth, was taken advantage of by the people living in the Ahupuaʻa and not designated to a crown.

– Robert Linogen


In my family, our heritage is very diverse. The most I am proud of is my Portuguese side because they immigrated from Portugal to work in the fields. From that time, they weren’t treated that well, but they worked hard to live the best life they could have. Because of them and my Hawaiian side, I get to live in “paradise” where I was born. I am lucky enough to have had an inspirational family tree, to be successful you need to work hard.

– Brittany Ann Schmidt


I am very proud to be a white southerner. The culture has been developed over the past 300 years and is thriving. There has been a left wing movement to deem white people as a targeted enemy. They think we are all Klan members and hate everyone, but it isnʻt always true. White people are becoming a minority, and Iʻm proud to be white. The white culture is being lost in some areas by globalization among other things. I donʻt mean this in a racist or hateful way, but just like any other race, there has to be some sort of preservation in white culture.

– Zack Tripp



I am proud of my Hawaiian heritage. It is something that was instilled in me from a young age because I was privileged to be taught by Thomas Kauukukui Sr. He was my kupuna. He led me on a journey of curiosity. I also love my Japanese heritage. I don’t speak Japanese but I am attracted to the culture, food, character of people, lifestyle, and determination. I used to adore Zatoichi, the blind swordsman, who lived as if not disabled. I watch KIKU all the time. I don’t know why. I just do. It’s been years. I sleep with the TV program on. Even my kids tend to sit and read the subtitles. Although it is normal in my house, I giggle now because if an outsider walked in they would be shocked.

– Johanna Kinimaka