What do you think America will be like in five years?


In five years I wish to see America in a better place with better foreign relations, less poverty and more high paying jobs. I see an optimistic future. If we work together to get the right politicians in office, we can turn our nation around. I think that in five years, America will rise to its former glory. I believe a unified America will be able to accomplish anything. It would also help if we got rid of Trump and got my man Bernie into the White House.

–Carson Murakami


In five years I think America will be in the same condition it’s in today. The major change would be the distribution of wealth and resources. The top one percent will have found a way to consolidate more money for themselves and more people will enter poverty. People will begin to see that the “American Dream” is now the “USA nightmare.” It is safe to say that the next five years will bring more oppression, but Americans won’t care because they’ll be too busy playing with the latest gadget.

–David Spencer


I think that America will not be as free of a land that it used to be based on the direction our leaders are taking us. I believe that we will have new leaders appointed in the near future that will take away more of our rights and privileges but in very subtle ways. They will blind the people with distractions and cause great confusion and chaos throughout the country in order to “step in” and provide us with “solutions.” Before we even realize what is happening, we will be in the greatest bondage America has ever seen.

–Anolani Graham


With the current administration’s goals of building up our military and closing our borders, I feel that the U.S. is headed in the direction of isolation. America was built on the idea of liberty for those who wish to make a better life filled with freedom rather than oppression. Also, to single out individual nations as the one responsible for the threats to our homeland security is wrong and will only fuel the fire of cultural differences, which can only be eased by communication. The policy of building a wall to keep out unwanted immigrants while ramping up our defenses will send a message to the world that we only care about the current citizens of America and not those who need our help.

–Michael Fasquhar


Five years from now I believe that America will be in the best shape that it has been in within the past 20 years. With a strong leader like Donald Trump, there will be a focus on helping the American people and solving America’s problems. I would back this up any day. For once the American people will be put first before another country’s. Businesses are also considering to start manufacturing products on American soil again to help create jobs and bring money back into the American economy. In five years from now America will be great and prosperous like no one could have ever imagined.

–Jagyr Catobus


America will be the greatest, best, most amazing place ever. I believe America will be in a much better place. We are already taking action on important issues and focusing less on social ethics (i.e. hurt feelings). I foresee President Trump still being POTUS after a successful second election. I hope that over the next five years we can get our financial status under control and start paying off that debt.

–Zack Tripp


I think America is going to be pretty cool in five years. By then, things would be so futuristic that we’d probably have the iPhone 12+ or something. On top of that, we’d have flying cars and shoes that tie themselves. America would also be different in terms of politics. I’m sure there are going to be a bunch of law changes and whatnot. A lot can change over the course of a year, so imagining five years is a bit harder to grasp, but of course it’s important to stay hopeful and optimistic towards the future. Hopefully, there will be peace (if not, less fighting would be just as good). We’d make a bunch of leaps with technology. What we do today shapes the future so we should keep that in mind with our everyday choices.

–Ivan Joseph Garo


I believe in five years America will look like it did during Martin Luther King Jr. times or something similar. It seems that we are going backwards as a nation, especially when civil rights are concerned. If you look at history as a whole, America goes forward a few steps and then backwards a couple more. It seems to repeat past mistakes.

–Tina Marie Freitas


I am not really thrilled about where America is headed, especially with some of the things that have happened since Donald Trump became president. I believe more prejudice, segregation and violence will continue to grow. While some “good” things have happened, such as stronger borders to keep drugs and illegal things out of the U.S., our relations with other nations are being ruined. People have the mentality that “America is the best” and “we don’t need to depend on other countries for anything,” but I think interdependence is a positive thing. If we turn our backs on others, they will do the same and it just forms tension and negativity. We were on such a good path, but now we’re inching back towards white supremacy. I won’t stand for injustice and I will stand for my beliefs for the next five years.

– Mariah Starwood