How do you define love?

Love is a very complicated that has no significant definition. It means many different things to many different people. The bottom line is that love should improve your life and make you safe.

Love does not put you in harm’s way. Love does not abandon you. Love does not make you feel bad for your emotions. Love needs to be healthy.

Love is also not always conscious. Sometimes love is hiding behind a problem or another emotion. If the love is true, it will always be there hidden or not.

– Juniper Nims



– Jonathan Cournede


For me, love is much more than a physical sense; it is a mental and spiritual connection. Everything like their mind, heart, body and soul.

The overall connection. When you truly care about someone or something, you want the best for them and put them in your life. No matter how busy you are or how much time you have, they are always important in your life.

– Taelan Whittington


Love is when you find someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Someone who loves you will not be scared or judgmental of you even when they see the ugliest or darkest sides of you. They have your back through the highs and lows, “honeymoons” and “wars.” And even when they’re tired, they always find a way to put time aside for you.

When you love someone, you do things for them that you don’t want to do like pick up after them or wash their stinky clothes. When someone loves you, they find even the smallest ways to make you fall for them all over again like unexpectedly making you breakfast in bed, helping you with homework or remembering the small details.

– Nana Kahawai


Love means that you love another person and care for them no matter what the outcome is even if you get hurt or what not.

I believe that we all have different meanings of love. Some might value relationships, family, yourself, money, jobs. But for me, the definition of love is about loving the man above us because he was the reason why we exist.

He suffered for us so that we could live. We owe God our lives, and I believe that he deserves love after all the suffering he went through.

– Mark Viloria


Love is the vapor that we sometimes find impossible to grasp but we inevitably breathe in. It’s the liquid that fills our souls to the brim and seeks out every crevice. And love is that solid underlying thing that cannot be dismantled once it’s been truly born.

– Jessica Hinebaugh


When I see the word love, the song “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green comes to mind. To me, the lyrics of that song truly make my heart happy, and I believe that’s what love is.

Love is sharing the last bite of your favorite food or dessert knowing that the last taste would’ve been the cherry on top. Love is that feeling of butterflies you get in your stomach.

– Beste Hunter Walker


How I define love? To me, love is something you feel in your heart. There are different kinds of love. There’s love for your children and family and then there’s love for your soulmate. The love for your family is unconditional. It’s automatic how your feelings are towards family members.

Love for your soulmate is when your stomach gets butterflies when it’s almost time to see them and when you actually see that person your heart starts to pound with excitement. That’s when I would know that I love that person and they are my soulmate.

– Charlene Kalakali


I define love as a feeling of being safe, cared for, having intense feelings of deep affection, through family or through other personal relationships.

An attachment to a person, place or thing. Something positive usually bringing happiness and joy.

– Kawehi Adams


I define love as caring for one another, always there for someone no matter the situation and being loyal.

I feel that everyone has their own ways to show love and their own meanings of love. Another thing is if you love someone, you will not hurt them in any way possible.

I understand that everyone is not perfect and we all make mistakes. But if you love someone, you will not repeat the mistakes again.

– Jadelynn Rogers


Love is the mutual respect and admiration for each other. It is total trust in one’s relationship with another. To know that you have the other person’s back. To unconditionally do for others without expectation of something in return. Love comes from within and demonstrates one’s passion for another. Love is unconditional.

– Ian Jenss