Literary and art journal to launch its new issue

Windward Community College’s award-winning literary and art journal, Pueo, will launch its “True” Story issue on Thursday, April 26 from 4-5:30 p.m. in Palikū Theatre. The event will include readings and giveaways, with food and refreshments to follow.

Since 1980, WCC has published a literary and art journal. Formerly called Rain Bird, it was re-branded as Pueo in 2016. “True” Story features poetry, prose and art submitted by students, faculty, staff and writing retreat participants. Students enrolled in CM/ENG 280: Book Production are responsible for publication and launch of the annual issue.

“The success of every issue is dependent on the students–the Pueo staff. They work hard to produce a quality product,” instructor Desi Poteet said.

During the fall, students cull through submissions, select pieces that best reflect the current theme and prepare the layout. The spring is dedicated to designing, editing and finalizing the book for publication.  Students also plan the launch party.

“Pueo helped me realize that writing inspiration is endless,” said staff member Dani Horner. “You can create the coolest stories purely from examining your everyday life. This class helped open me up to my writing capabilities and brought confidence back into my creative creations.”

In addition, Pueo Press gives students the opportunity to publish and market their own novels or collections of stories, poetry or art. This year, it worked with student Aspen Morgan, who will be reading from her collection of short stories, You Never Know, at the launch event.

“The Pueo class has been an adventure,” Morgan said, who was also last year’s Pueo prose winner. “I’ve been inspired to create art, and in mediums that I’ve never attempted before. My writing has improved, the conversations I’ve had in this class have been eye-opening, and working with my classmates has been a blast!”

Past student publications include Blood, Sweat and Breastmilk by Ashley Nakanishi and Hawaiian Art Stories by Glenn Freitas.

Next year’s theme is Busted! Students interested in enrolling in the fall can register for CM/ENG 280 (CRN 64468/64092) with Robert Barclay.

Pueo staff member Adam Almeida, who has taken the course twice, highly recommends it.

“As a natural science major, joining ENG 280 was out of my comfort zone … but I think this class helped me to enjoy and appreciate the writing process more … it allowed me to dip into things I never would have otherwise experienced, such as graphic design. My classmates were all wonderful and made me look forward to class every week.”

Poteet added, “As a course, Pueo is unique. It’s a hands-on experience in which students have an opportunity to produce something they can be proud of. Pueo and Rain Bird have both won awards over the years, attesting to the quality.” ­


by Ka ‘Ohana, News Staff