How do you think Windward Community College will be different in 50 years?

Hopefully enrollment wil climb and the entire campus will be completely renovated and maybe the abandoned buildings brought up to code so we can utilize them and offer more classes on this campus.

– John Michael Bartuadi


This could go a number of ways. Maybe robots and artificial intelligence will have taken over the staff and faculty of the campus, or maybe that is reaching a little too far. I can’t also help but think of environmental factors as well. Maybe the campus will be underwater, along with other parts of the island as well? Who’s to really know. No matter what is to happen in the future, I can only hope that WCC is still as extraordinarily welcoming and friendly to all incoming students, like I have personally experienced.

– Beste Hunterwalker


In 50 years, I think WCC will be different in looks and size. Our campus will be more technologically advanced and renovated older buildings. There will be more class varieties and subjects to take since the times are different. There will be a bigger student body and staff because more people will need degrees to get a job. Overall, the campus would be renovated with the new technology and students.

– Maia Kawelo


I hope that WCC becomes more oriented into fueling the music and art program. Music feeds the soul, and art fuels the mind. The arts program is the back program of creative freedom and self expression. As an elective choice, it brings a stress free collaborative environment where you can hone a craft and possibly find a new passion or career.

– Aleczander Gimang


Hopefully this school continues to grow and develop in the way it has, because it’s one of the most naturally beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen. There’s a really sweet Imaginarium and an awesome new library, so hopefully they keep adding cool stuff like that. Or maybe some patients from the mental hospital just up the hill from WCC will escape and take over the campus.

– Travis Kane


In 50 years, I believe WCC will be different by having more classes, more buildings opening up. There will be more opportunities for students. The campus will expand with more students young and old. It will give those that have children to come to school due to the child care that will be opening up soon.  I believe WCC will prosper in the next 50 years.

–  Sheena Nazare


I hope WCC doesn’t change that much in 50 years because I like how it is now. There are so many services here that have been such a big help to me. Especially math and other labs. These services have really helped me pass most of, if not all, my classes.

– Amanda Higgs


I think WCC will no longer have a beautiful luscious green veiw of the mountains because of pollution and global warming is already showing effects today and will get worse in the future. I also believe that technology will become more advanced and will have better equipment for learning. Buildings would be rebuilt due to decay.

– Harlan Gubac


I believe that in 50 years, WCC will have hopefully advanced as a campus. Most likely issuing in new technology to better help with education and teaching. Even now, I find it shocking as we advanced from when I was in elementary school with bulky computers with higher quality.  WCC would probably also add new courses to fit with the time, maybe courses in computer science or more digital- based classes. Perhaps they may be ridden of some older courses in place of new ones.  I would hope that they make use of some of the abandoned buildings near the campus and start renovating them for classes. Maybe even hold more opportunities for students to have a head start for their futures, more job opportunities, perhaps more business classes. Since technology is advancing so quickly today, I have no doubt that the schools must keep up with the coming years.

Classes may require having laptops, or perhaps most of the work will be more online- based. They may add even more online classes into the system for better access to work and other activities in class.  TRiO would hopefully expand and become a better service because it is a very amazing and helpful place. Hopefully most classes will also be able to have SI sessions, which help greatly with learning in the class or if you missed out on certain classes. This is about what I think would be different in WCC in 50 years.

– Rachel Rulona