What do you think of President Trump’s job performance thus far?

If I’m being completely honest, I really don’t know exactly how I feel about President Trump. I haven’t been into politics, and so it’s hard to make a concrete decision on how I feel. My peers and the media do a thorough job of ripping Trump, but I feel that before I can do the same I should have my own research. As far as I know, he seems to be a person of extremely questionable morals. I’ve avoided making political statements, but it is easy to judge someone’s character when they are the most talked about figure in an age of endless information. What I do fear is that he will eventually do something that will leave an uprising or drastically alter our country in a negative way

– Jarred Hee


I think good, and itʻs nothing short of remarkable. Trump inspired such deep emotions in his critics and supporters that many have struggled to objectively assess his presidency. Some are so blind by their hatred of Trump that they refuse to acknowledge the good he has done, while others are so blinded by devotion that they overlook almost any transgression. I think he will be great for the economy.

– Ariya Sreechai


President Trump has created more change than Obama ever promised. He has changed immigration, tax, climate policy and come up many other things, and now wants to regulate Google search. The U.S. people wanted change from Obama that we really just got more of the same. Trump capitalized on the people’s craving for change and now people are and sure of if we make the right decision. The stock market rising is making millions of people happy,  the immigration policy makes the man. But they don’t realize there’s a connection. Trump isn’t racist; his decisions are mostly regarding safety and finance.

– Clark Whitehead

President Trump has done a halfway decent job so far. Yes, he is a scumbag, but he has been following through with the necessary tasks that presidents do. He gets an A+ for stirring up the U.S. and because of this he has at the very least made the American public aware of what happens when you vote for a president because you won’t change. He definitely has accomplished this in ways that I don’t think anyone could have imagined. It seems we spend more time untangling words and thoughts of President Trump then we do looking at the crises of our country and what we face going forward. I do not believe President Trump will be re-elected.

– Jill Thompson


President Trump is a very polarizing figure, and it seems that the majority lie in two camps:  You love him or you hate him. I myself don’t think I fall into any of these two camps, but I do agree that he hasn’t done a good job and can clearly identify various blunders in his policy. I disagree with his intimate relationship with Isreal, establishing the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Supporting Israel’s control of Jerusalem and their current domestic policy in Palestine will only make it more difficult to enact a lasting just two state solution. I disagree with his lowering of taxes on the rich for clear reasons. He believes that will strengthen the economy along with his trade war when in reality a huge amount of the money saved by corporations has gone back into the stock buy backs, not increased wages, more benefits, and hardly more living wage jobs. I disagree with the raising of the military budget, as we already have a budget higher than the next seven countries combined at least and the budget increase itself is already more than the entire defense budget of Russia. Instead of focusing on pouring billions of dollars into “defense,” which really means strengthening and continuing to impose American empire abroad, we should use that money to help real Americans at home.

– Elijah Goodgame


In all honesty within the past few years under President Trump’s position and office, I haven’t given much attention to the past political events and his overall beliefs and standings. I have only witnessed political propaganda and seen other people’s opinion on social media. Only a few people I have reluctantly asked and discuss their opinion about our current president. However in my own personal opinion, the president is an over tanned, bloated fool with consistently bad hair days. Yet he plays the game of politics the best way possible. By playing to the majority’s weaknesses and insecurities and promising false hopes. Also by boosting said majority’s egos because they are arrogant and see themselves superior to anyone who does not agree with them.

– Elijah Villanueva-Kahawai