How do you think WCC could be more sustainable?

I think what WCC could do to become more sustainable is to maybe put gardens around campus so we can have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables so we can have healthier lunches. Or maybe since we use a lot of technology like computers and printers, we can put solar panels on some of the roofs but that might be really expensive.

– Malia


More farming on campus in farm-to-table fashion.  Uala Leaf Cafe style integration of growing/using food grown on campus. The Hub (being on campus) using packaging (plastic sandwich containers, cold drink cups, straws and tops) that is compostable, encouraging patrons to bring their own coffee containers. Hub generates Starbucks-priced items and can do more especially as a local business on an island. I liked how they offered 10 cents off if you brought your own mug last semester.

– Jonathan Young


WCC could be more sustainable by reducing its grid-based energy and water consumption. WCC could reduce its electrical use by limiting the amount of air conditioning it provides. If the thermostats were raised to 78 degrees Fahrenheit , we would all be more comfortable and would use less energy.  WCC should take steps to collect, store and use the abundant rainfall that we get in Kāne‘ohe. We could use that unfiltered water for irrigation and toilets.  If we filter it, we could use it as a supply of potable water. WCC should convert those large grass fields to crop production. Imagine all the taro, banana, sweet potato and other Hawaiian crops could be available to us and the local community. WCC should offer a sustainable degree in which these projects would be featured

– Neil Tsukayama


One way I think WCC can be more sustainable is that we could start a larger garden like how they are doing at UH. That way we could have a income of fresh food and not have to buy as much.  Another way I think WCC can be more sustainable is implementing more solar panels around campus in order to create sustainable energy for the whole school. One other way could be to assign more work online instead of wasting paper.

– Noah Kochi


WCC should implement the use of solar energy to lower the cost of electricity. The money saved could go to other uses such as computer, programs and improving the campus.  I also think we need more parking spaces to accommodate more students. Itʻs simple: more parking means more students which turns to more money the school can used to improve the campus even more.

– Nicolas Jager