What do you think of the new tobacco-free policy on campus?

In my opinion, I believe that the new tobacco-free policy on campus is a great idea because I honestly hate, absolutely hate the smell of cigs, like it makes me gag it’s so damn gross. Also I am NOT trying to catch second hand smoke in an environment where I am learning and growing in. It just messes me up and all of that. Therefore I stand with this policy that WCC made. Chief called, he said this it!

– Isaiah-Ryan Jardine


I am a smoker, so of course I am against the tobacco-free policy. I think that they should make at least one or two designated areas for smoking. Tobacco-free policy or not, I know that people will still smoke on campus. It’s sad but true.

I do however understand where it is coming from, and it’s a good place. Second hand smoke is bad, smoking is bad period. People like myself know the dangers and still choose to smoke.

– Melissa Caballes


As a non-smoker, I think that this is great! I no longer walk into somone’s smoke. I think this is a great way to help people be healthy. However, I am not sure how this change affects those who smoke. I’m sure they will love to have a designated smoking area. I think this would satisfy both groups of people, smokers and non-smokers.

– Erika Ayers


I’m a TRiO tutor and one way for students to calm down during my session is to have them take a minute to center themselves. One of those ways is to smoke. I’m not saying that all my students smoke, but the ones who do have to go off campus to smoke. I’m not condoning smoking, but let people do what they need to do (legally) to get the edge off.

– Pono Wong


I think that the tobacco- free policy was a good idea to preserve our campus and students. I have noticed that a lot of parents bring their children here when they have class and young kids shouldn’t be exposed to that.

With all that being said, although this is a smoke-free campus, I see people smoking all the time like nothing has changed. If the school wants to be a smoke-free campus in order to purify our air and our students, maybe they should enforce the rules a little (or a lot) better.

– Rachel Leslie


I think it’s a good thing. Too many people have an addiction to tobacco. We don’t need it in our learning spaces. I think it promotes a healthier environment. I personally do not like the smell of tobacco so it’s better for me. I’m not being harassed by the smell of it once I leave my building. I’m also not a fan of walking through people’s vape clouds all the time. I’m not choking on someone else’s smoke. I don’t think it’s neccessary to be able to smoke at school. It’s not urgent.

– Juniper