How do you feel about the federal government shutdown that happened because of President Trump’s proposed border wall?

I feel like a child is running our country. From what I understand, Trump took away people’s jobs just because he wasn’t given the money for his wall.

For one thing, I think a huge concrete wall is extremely over the top just to keep Mexicans out of the country. All of the money lost to it could go to way more important things like cleaning up the beaches or saving children who are starving. Instead of trying to segregate our world more, our president should be trying to unite and fix the ecosystem. In my opinion, improving our ecosystem is a lot more significant than keeping immigrants out of the country.

However, like a child, our president rather take things from his own people and watch others suffer in order to get what he wants. I’m also confused as to why taxes are not stopping too.

Why are we still paying taxes if there will be no tax returns and if there is no government? My theory is  that maybe Trump planned this in order to pocket money from the laborers to either keep for himself or offer higher paying income to those who now need it, in order to build the wall. The game our president is playing is extremely childish, and he needs to be stopped.

– Julie Ishihara

I support Trump shutting down the government because the wall is a necessity. I have family members who work on the border and see first-hand the type of people coming in from Mexico. I also strongly feel that the Democratic Party (namely Nancy Pelosi) is being very stubborn. The Democrats have previously supported increading border security but now oppose it just because Donald Trump is trying to make it happen. The reason the shutdown is taking so long is because the Democrats refuse to fund something they have wanted for a long time. People must focus more on the problems and solutions rather than the personality of our president.

– Brooklyn Fischer

The way I feel in regards to the government shutdown is a sense of fear. I do not fear for myself but I feel for those who rely on benefits from the government that they are not receiving. Thousands of families will be unable to feed their children because of the issues with SNAP, EBT and WIC. In addition to the welfare porgram problem, there are government employees that are not being paid. The absence of their paychecks could lead to eviction, car repossession, the inability to meet medical payments and so much more problems. I am afraid for those children that are going to sleep hungry and the families who are trying to make it work. The families are what Trump needs to focus on, not his wall.

– Isabella Walker

I think that the federal government shutdown is unnecessary. The people should not have to pay for Trump’s wall or his poor decision making. It would be one thing if the people supported the wall. But most Americans don’t care or believe in his wall. So why should federal workers and their families suffer? How does this seem in any way fair? I think it’s disappointing and embarrassing that this man is running our country into the ground. It makes no sense that he’s still even thinking about the wall when there are greater issues at hand. I feel that if Trump truly cared, he could have avoided this whole situation. If it was truly unavoidable, he could have donated his pay to these hard working Americans that he was supposedly supporting during his election. He is selfish and delusional.

– Keahi Coria

The shutdown is very misunderstood. Disagreements between the left and right are what’s causing this. This is not the first time a border wall has been proposed. The first time it was brought up the Democrats voted for the wall not against it. Since this time it is President Trump, Democrats keeping their anti-Trump  image is important.

Both sides cause the shutdown but the Democrats blame everything on Trump. They do not take responsibility for anything and do everything in their power to dig up dirt and make the people hate him. Many people are making a huge fuss about this like it’s the first government shutdown, but they forget that Obama also shut down the government. The left side always likes to highlight everything that Trump is doing wrong but never acknowledge the good things that he has done.

– Jacob Pattison

I am surprised because I did not think that Trump would actually build a wall. Presidents in the past have constantly lied in their campaigns to attract votes, so I thought Trump was bluffing. After hearing that he is actually going to do this, I can surely say that Trump has not even graduated high school. The Berlin Wall in the 1900s. What did that do? Nothing good. I know this wall that Trump is proposing is different from the purpose of the Berlin Wall, but the problems of excluding a country still exist. Even in Korea where they separated the North and South for a very long time, if you look at North Korea’s  living conditions, it is not a pretty sight to see.

– Joshua Park

I think it’s crazy. He, as in Trump, believes building this wall will change or stop people from entering the U.S. Trump also expects others to pay for this wall. All this money that he is asking for could go to better and deserving purposes. For example, teachers’ pay. Teachers are educating our children but yet they don’t make enough money not even to be stable in Hawai‘i. As for the federal government shutdown, it has not affected me, but I do feel sorry for all those that have to go through it.

 – Kapika Verdugo

Trump should keep the government shutdown. I read an article which interviewed the border patrol employees and around 90 percent of them are in favor of the wall. I feel we should as a nation consider the views and opinions of people actually doing the job rather than the majority who don’t even know what the job entails. Actions speak louder than words, so I’ll take the people who are active than the people who can just talk.

Also in today’s society, we want to be about us, but in reality it’s about me. Besides Trump is not the only one keeping the government shut down. It’s the other side as well. Trump is only asking $5 billion and the nation is $22 trillion in debt. $5 billion is just a drop compared to $22 trillion, so I say give him the money and let it be resolved.

When I say it’s about  me, I mean people only pay attention when it affects them. For example, if you’ve seen someone steal something, chances are the most you will do is tell someone. However, if they stole something from you, then you might chase them down, call the cops and ask the community for help. People only care about the shutdown because it affects them in a certain way and they are always eager to place blame anywhere they deem fit.

  – Timothy Limasa

I have mixed feelings about the federal government shutdown. By shutting down the government, President Trump is trying to get his point across. Many people, Democrats and Republicans alike, didn’t truly believe Mr. Trump when he talked about the wall or they didn’t believe he would actually follow through. I belive the wall is necessary and therefore I believe that getting the attention of Congress and the American people is crucial. In this sense, I support the government shutdown. He’s doing what he should do:  telling the  nation that he’s serious about the wall. In this manner, the wall is a good thing.

In another sense, the wall stops the payment of many federal workers including safety and security officers via the Department of Justice and Homeland Security. Federal police forces and people like TSA officers are not getting paid but doing their job. In this sense, I am heartbroken about the shutdown. These brave men and women have families to support.

My opinion is that it’s a good thing and it has an accurate and necessary purpose, but it has heartbreaking effects for many federal workers. President Trump is in the process of making his point and that’s good, but Congress and Trump need to get together and figure it out for the sake of the brave federal workers who face danger every day but do not have a paycheck to bring home to their families.

  – Annarose Keiko Franco

I personally feel that shutting down the government because our president’s “needs” to build this wall is pointless. Why would you want to risk your own nation’s economy and employees? If Trump wants something to be done, why can’t he do it on his own? He is our president. We all shouldn’t have to suffer because he can’t complete his presidential claim. Another thing trying to convince the people of Mexico to pay for the wall! That’s childish, pay for it with your own money because no one else is intrested in having the wall built.

– Angela Bautista Lopez