What do you think of the new Duo Mobile UH security system?

photo by Patrick Hascall

I have not used or been introduced to the Duo Push UH security system yet or that I know of.  But I think any steps in security for students and faculty should be welcomed.                                                                        

– Jessy Russell

I think the new security system adds a heightened sense of comfort on the campuses. As a female, it is nice to know we are “double” protected. Safety is a big factor on campus and increasing campus safety is extremely beneficial to all. 

I actually learned about the new system through UH email and thought that this is a positive step in the right direction.

– Isabella Waerei

I absolutely hate it! Everytime I need to check my UH account, I have to open my phone.  That in itself is a pure distraction for me. Sometimes I don’t have my phone and just my computer, so therefore I can’t login on my computer and do homework.

I think it’s an extra step in protecting our identity which is great, but the inconvenience it has on users is terrible, and that’s my personal opinion. I talk to other people about it, and they have the same idea.

I work at the school’s library so I was required to start the Duo Push awhile back. It was a straight death trap when my manager made me sign up for it.  I dislike the Duo Push, but I appreciate the concern for students.

– Rayn Kekai Ruperti Yans

I think it is a great idea to protect our personal information within the school system. I preferably do not like having to go through a double way of getting online to do my work.

Most of the time I’m in a rush to get online on a school computer, and this is actually a hassle. But if it does protect us that much more, then I guess it is worth it.

– Czarina

I have mixed feelings about the new UH Duo Push security system. I strongly agree that it is to help keep our information safe because I see it and have used it everyday before I log in to MyUH. I always have to put a code in or wait for an acceptance from my phone.

It allows me to know and fully trust that everything I do at school and my personal info cannot be seen by other people or hackers. But on the other hand, having to push a button on my phone before getting into my email can become annoying.

It takes up time and doesn’t allow things to go as fast as before. I had a classmate who had to show a presentation and before they could do that, a code or push had to be entered to verify that it was them.

It took up to 5 minutes of class time and made the class have completely awkward silence. It’s a good security system because it works, but it’s just a hassle.

 – Kaila Aiu-Furtado