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Arts festival engages the masses

The crowds at this year’s Paliku Arts Festival enjoyed music by the Royal Hawaiian Band, henna tattoo art, silkscreening, native Hawaiian plants, performances in Paliku Theatre and more.

Palikū Arts Festival co-organizer So Jin Kimura wished for good weather and got it. 

Unlike last year’s torrential drenching, this year’s festival on April 6 was picture perfect with bright, sunny weather. The turnout was great as students, faculty and the community came together to enjoy the “Building STEAM” theme, a collaboration between the arts and sciences.

Artisans, poets, dancers, musicians, painters, wood carvers, actors, costuming and mask makers, in concert with WCC’s science department, put on quite the event. Along with all the interactive exhibits, Palikū Theatre had two performances of the world premiere play, “The Epic Voyage of Kāne‘āpua” directed by Moses Goods. 

WCC student Kaulana Antone said, “We’re excited to be performing this play that we rehearsed for six weeks.” 

Fellow actor Likeke Isaacs chimed in, “We’re going to have lots of fun, and we’re going to let it all out. I will be playing the part of Kilohi, and I hope everyone will enjoy it!”

Randy Gonce of Ka ‘Ulu Laʻau, a native Hawaiian plant group, shared the group’s message of “Propagate to Educate!” 

Gonce said, “We propagate native Hawaiian plants to educate about the uses and importance of bringing back native species to Hawai‘i for sustainability.”

Among the musical groups that performed were the Royal Hawaiian Band, BYU Hawai‘iʻs Shaka Steel Band and The Jeff Ho and Mike Kato Jazz Experience.

Windward resident Michelle Henderson said, “This is a great community event where it’s a great place to bring your kids.”

Her husband Daniel, daughter Ewa and twins Peter and Abigail were tearing up the dance floor while grooving to the Steel Band.

A great time was had by all. See you at next year’s event!

by Ian Jenss, Ka ‘Ohana Staff Reporter

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