Do you think Hawai‘i should legalize recreational marijuana?

Yes, Hawai‘i should legalize recreational marijuana. It will only benefit the state and its people. Whether its legal or not, people are still going to consume it. So why not legalize it? At least it can be regulated. Plus, it’s way less dangerous than drinking alcohol. That stuff is basically poison. In addition, the tax money from it could go to better roads, schools, etc. I feel that if you’re against legalization, you’re basically living in the 1950s. Times are changing, and now we have a lot of evidence that marijuana can be very beneficial. There are components of it that don’t send you into “reefer madness” like CBN and CBD. These benefits are medically verified. I can’t see any downside to legalizing marijuana.

– Keahi Coria

No, I do not think that Hawai‘i should legalize recreational marijuana. Marijuana, to me, is just like any other depressant. It is used as a coping mechanism for people who are seeking relief from life’s troubles instead of a solution for their difficulties. If marijuana is legalized, we will see the upcoming generations more addicted to drugs and substance abuse. Also , I believe recreational marijuana would greatly threaten the beauty as well as the tourism of Hawai‘i. Personally, the smell of weed makes me gag and quickly cover my nose and mouth. It contaminates the air that we breathe. Also, the generational effects of marijuana have not been fully tested, so it is still a risk.

– David Kila

While I’ve never used marijuana myself, I’ve talked to people who have. And I understand the already starting to show up everywhere so honestly, it can only be a matter of time till marijuana’s legal nationwide. And I think the stoner, zombie hellscape that most people, at least conservatives, picture when they think about legal weed is just unrealistic. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

– Blake Lawson

Yes, I believe recreational marijuana should be legalized here in Hawai‘i because it really isn’t that bad. I believe nicotine and cigarettes are far worse. Those things have things in them that make them addicting. I also feel as if the effects of marijuana are almost the same as alcohol. I believe that if marijuana was to be legalized it should be treated like alcohol, with the same restrictions. I don’t smoke marijuana frequently, but I do have some experience with it. To be honest, who doesn’t? But I know for a fact that it really is not that bad.

– Christian Thomas

No, I don’t think it should be legalized. But to be fair, it is the THC part that should be illegal. Marijuana strains that do not contain THC could be legalized for recreational use. I also believe that due to the effects of THC, it could be like driving under the influence and just like alcohol should result in a DUI.

Side note: The age limits for alcohol and tobacco use should be raised and if marijuana was to be legalized I would hope there would be a minimum age limit and that it would be regulated. I hope that if it was to be legalized, side drug deals would be destroyed and broken apart.

– Jessy Russell

No, we already face challenges with our youth, parents, and kupuna who abuse alcohol and meth. That is one more problem that state would have to spend more money on rehab facilities, counseling, and all the problems legalizing marijuana.

If you need it for medical reasons, I agree. Get a note from your doctor. But why legalize it for recreation. Find a hobby or other ways to get high on life. Morally and legally.

– JoAnn Baron

Yes, Hawai‘i needs income. Recreational marijuana could help the economy of Hawai‘i. Colorado shows big economic growth for the state and federal government. Recreational marijuana can bring jobs and investment to Hawai‘i. Colorado is one of many states that improve from legalizing marijuana. Hawai‘i would greatly benefit if they legalize recreational marijuana.

– Mulueli Huest

When it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana, my vote is no. Marijuana to me is still considered an illegal drug and with that being said, I would not want my children to grow up thinking it was okay to do. Marijuana still has the same affects as other drugs out there such as impaired judgment and being highly addictive. If our state does decide to pass this law it will create many more addicts than we already have. Our state has a high number of substance abuse users as it is. I mean would you want your dentist or doctor high on marijuana right before a procedure was done? I’m guessing the answer your answer would be no. However, I do believe in medical marijuana, there are some positive resources when someone is ill and it can help them with their pain. But someone who is using it just to get “high,” I do not agree with it.

– Nohealani Wescott