Do you think it should be illegal to burn the American flag? Why or why not?

No, I donʻt think it should be illegal to burn the American flag. Itʻs a piece of fabric that stands for the genocide of native people, slavery and white nationalism. Why should we care about something that only supports a fraction of the population?  Itʻs something that literally only means anything because we gave it that meaning. Some people look at the flag and think about unity, freedom and justice. But where the heck is it?  If anything people are more divided, repressed and treated with injustice than ever.  Burn it or not, who cares?  There are many bigger problems at hand. – Keahi Coria

I personally think it should be illegal to burn the American flag because it is very disrespectful to our country. Yes, our country may not be run by a great President at the moment, but itʻs not right to burn our nationʻs flag.  I remember in elementary school when I was a JPO, the teacher in charge told us that if we drop the flag or if the flag is to touch the ground, we will have to burn it and get a new one. To me that didnʻt make any sense. I get that yeah we dropped and we may need a new one, but why burn it?  To me thatʻs more disrespectful then dropping it or having it touch the ground. – Angela Bautista

No, the burning of the flag is constitutionally protected and is a form of free speech.  United States versus Eichman.  I respect others’ ideal on the burning of the American flag being seen as hate but disagree with people’s opinion or the way they express themselves is covered by the Constitution. – Malaeli Host

No it should not be illegal to burn the American flag.  I find burning it highly disrespectful, but it should never be illegal.  If it were illegal, then how would one regulate or police it? I think the amount of money spent policing this policy would be more detrimental to society than the action of burning the flag. However, I do believe if someone were to burn the flag, it would be to show their distrust in the government.

In the end it shouldnʻt be illegal but should be regarded as unlawful to burn the flag. – Timothy Limasa                                                                                

Why should burning the American flag ever be legal?  Burning the American flag is one of blatant disregard. It throws respect out the window. The American flag is a symbol of liberty, justice and the American way. It disrespects the country and all who stand for it. The only time when burning such a symbol is remotely okay is if there is a revolution, or you are at war with the United States of America. – Kai Johnson