Can you have white pride without being labeled a white supremacist? Why or why not?

As a white, military kid, I got to experience a lot of different places and a lot of different people growing up. Most places it didn’t matter what anyone looked like or where we came from because we were all just kids having fun. But as I grew up and kept moving around, I realized I had started having to have almost an apologetic appearance to myself when I met new people of different races. It felt like I was saying “Hi! I’m Blake.”

Now look, I’m sorry I’m a white guy. But hear me out…And no doubt, some people are reading this and immediately shutting themselves off from hearing from me. Why? You don’t know me. What about my race makes people think they know me? Inexcusable things were done in the past by men that look just like me. But they’re long dead and gone. And not only do I not have a say about where I came from, but I don’t even know! I’m proud to be who I am. 

 – Blake Lawson

Absolutely white supremacy is absolute narcissism but white pride is necessary in order to not be taken advantage of. Linguistic gymnastics does not lessen the fact that there are people that hate me and want to take advantage of me because I’m white.

I have the right to defend myself against irrational bigots as an American, a Christian, a Republican and a white person. I do see an argument to be made for the idea that white pride is based off of violence and oppression. But that’s one dimensional. That’s not all of the European history, and that’s not everything we did. We did a lot of positive things that still benefit this world today.

 – Dalton Duffield

I will begin this comment by saying that I am half white, a strong Democrat, and heavily pro-minority rights. With that out of the way, I think that mistaking white pride for white supremacy is a serious mistake.

Just like African Americans, Asians and Hispanics, people of European decent belong to specific cultures that should not be forgotten. I see no problem with being proud of their ancestry, no matter where it comes from. As for whether or not one can express one without being accused of the other, that is a different matter all together.

I will say that the two shouldn’t be inextricably linked, but that it is unfortunately easy to do so in our modern society.

 –  Nick You

I don’t think “white pride” could ever exist without being labeled as a white supremacist with the current political situation. Historically, white in America had a bad name from people who identify in other races from many discrimination against “colored people.”

These include many occurrences such as black slavery, Japanese internment and KKK, etc. Even now the current president who is a white American is infamous for his discriminative policy against colored people. Not only that the United States has been almost always in white majority ever since independence in 1776.

So with these historical backgrounds and the current political turmoil, etc. “white pride” would most certainly never be seen as ‘celebrating racial diversity, rather it would be viewed as “act of white supremacy.”

 – Jeong Min Woo

Racism toward another person is racist regardless of the color of skin. If white pride is bad, then the same standard should be held for black pride. As long as the pride doesn’t make one group less superior than the other, it’s fine.

– Kassidy Wedemeyer