How do you feel about the growing divisions in the country?

The fact that our country has split up seems to be a disappointing issue. From my perspective, the two divisions need to become one again.  If we continue to remain separate, we will most likely provide a weak government.

When I first heard about the growing divisions, it seemed to be a very concerning issue.  The two divisions need to reunite for the sake of a better and stronger country.

– Reece Fujii

America, in my view, has always been polarized to the very core. This arises from the bipartisan nature of American politics. I think the rise of media has just made people aware of what has always been present in America. The fact that the internet media nowadays creates an echo chamber in which you only hear what yourʻre used to hearing also contributes to peopleʻs lack of understanding of people whose thoughts might differ from them.

– Jihun Jeong

I feel that the growing divisions in the country will eventually decrease the chances of a country being united and strong. Having an increase division was bound to happen because of the political history.  The rich will always want more and will do whatever it takes to be richer and more powerful.  The poor will naturally stay poor, for the most part, and the rich have a greater advantage to become more rich, for the obvious reasons. I feel that the state controls this in a sense of trying to keep the majority of the poor stay poor. It is more than likely for a person to achieve much more in life due to their class or upbringing. The more money you have, the more friends and resources you have to succeed.

– Czarina Salas

A growing division in this country could be about Trump and building the wall. There is a good amount of people out here who are for the president’s actions. A couple of people that I know are glad that he’s taking people to our country that has been living here illegally. For those people, they are all immigrants of other countries who went through all the trouble to get their correct documentations and green card. For everyone else, it’s quite the opposite.

We feel that they’ve been living here their whole life, paying taxes, started a family, and haven’t gotten into any worrying trouble that it’s okay for them to be here. They should just be given the right steps in order to be legally a citizen. This topic will forever divide the country as long as it is a recurring issue.

– Alyssa Clevenger