Do you think President Trump should be impeached? Why or why not?

Yes, President Trump should be impeached because he is not above the law. It is illegal for a president to have another country interfere with an internal election. It has been proven with facts that the phone call that President Trump made to Ukraine president and if he refuses to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden then Mr. Trump won’t turn over the $400 million to Ukraine that has already been approved by the U.S. With the whistleblower’s testimony and other testimonies that confirm that the phone call to the Ukraine president was indeed accurate.

– Eassie A. Soares-Haae

Yes, I think President Trump should be impeached. We shouldn’t have someone running our country that continuously lies! We’re supposed to trust our president. His decisions also have an effect on our safety. In this day and age, nuclear war is very real. We don’t need a president turning to social media to say bad things about other people and countries. Also, he shouldn’t be committing unconstitutional acts and then lying to our country about it. He should have been honest in the 2016 election and not involve hackers from another country to help him. Also, how can you as a human sit back and watch how he treated the immigrants and their families? Yes, remove him from office too. Once you do things like this, you can’t forget nor trust again! Get rid of President Trump completely!

– Jasrael Feeney

No, I don’t think President Trump should be impeached. Trump is a businessman and he’s good at what he does. One of the biggest problems in our country is our debt and economy. So far, he’s been doing great in that area and has made many improvements. Sure he’s made mistakes, but I think that he is the type of president that wants to make progress with risk of messing up. Maybe that’s what we need right now. If impeached, I still think we would have use for his business mind. So I think he should stay in office.

– Andrew Kaneta

Most definitely yes he should be impeached for reason that he’s committed impeachable offenses and given that the U.S. is a democracy. He is by no means above the law. Furthermore, his actions of using and abusing his role of power for personal gain has undermined U.S. national security since he stepped into office. He’s proven time and time again that he supports only a small percentage of the country: the wealthy businessmen.

As a woman citizen, I certainly fear for my future as should the rest of the women who call this country home. Trump aims to “make America great again” by stripping women’s equality rights, to put men back in the driver’s seat. I say hell no to that! He’s stripped laws that protect our environment and natural resources in a critical time all in the name of money. He simply cannot be trusted because the longer he stays in office, the more dire our circumstances become.

– Tracee Tengan

Yes, I do believe he should be impeached and removed from office. I believe he should be punished for his actions. During his time in office, he has shown no remorse for his attitude towards the American people (his constituents), women in general, illogical decisions in foreign affairs on top of the actual offense he has committed that defies his oath in office. In any position you hold, you need to act accordingly and uphold all responsibilities for that position. Trump has shown no signs of compromise or conformity to his position and his actions are dangerous and impulsive. If we do not impeach him or reprimand him (our own president) for the unjust acts he has committed, what message are we sending people and our country as a whole?

– Giana Santana

No, I definitely do not think President Trump should be impeached. What people need to accept (the Democrats) is that the people of the United States of America have chosen him as our president. His whole term other people in politics and the media has done nothing but try to find the negative in him. People think he is always saying something dumb, but no he is just being straight up. He says and does what every president before him wish they had the balls to do and say. I personally think that he has fulfilled his duty as president to the best of his abilities; we just need to actually give him that chance and support him as our president and USA will actually be great again. I will vote for him in 2020.

– Jamie Hewett

In my opinion, impeachment of our president is inevitable. With the constant and new release of information almost on a daily basis, Trump should be held accountable for his negative actions. However, I also believe that unless the Democrats take control of the Senate, our president will not be removed from office. I support the fact that although Trump is an unjust and dishonorable man, his Republicans will “follow their leader” into the complex web of information regarding our president’s actions. Overall, I believe that a president should honor the position given and supported by the people. With our current commander in chief, our country’s image of a “perfect democracy” has been tarnished and shattered. I can only hope for the best outcome in the upcoming 2020 elections.

– Vaillante Bandini