Do you think the federal government should provide universal healthcare?

The United States should have medicare for all subsidized by the federal government with an option to keep one’s current provider should they so choose. A fully universal system would be prohibitively expensive and would take away free will in choosing healthcare. Obamacare is honestly a good idea and would have worked had the Republicans not worked to kneecap it. As much as I like Bernie Sanders’s consistency and principles, I wonder where we would get the money to implement such a program, especially since the wealthy of this country have become so adept at weaseling out of their tax obligations.

– Sean Higby

In my opinion, I think that the government should provide universal healthcare because some people can’t afford healthcare so they then wait til they get really sick then they go to the doctors and sometimes it’s too late to do anything. I think that people shouldn’t have to feel like this, like they can’t get medical help because they are worried about the cost of getting the help. I kind of do think that higher class people like the really wealthy can get some medical but if they can afford it then maybe the government wouldn’t have to pay for all of the medical coverage.

The plan that would be good is if you’re under a certain point on how much you make a year, then the government should provide healthcare. But the average on how much you make shouldn’t be very low like $50,000 a year because sometimes even those people who make that can barely make it. It should matter where you live on what average is to be considered because some places the cost of living is very low but unlike Hawai‘i the cost of living is high and I think the new average for a family of four to live in Hawai‘i is $90,000 a year, which is really crazy.

– Aliyah Akina

Of course. In a perfect world, universal healthcare should be provided, and scientific research should be funded, and teachers should be paid fairly, and greenhouse gases should be decreased/maintained. The purpose of a federal government is to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty. Sure, they can spend more than several countries combined on military expenses. But what good is it if its soldiers are sick, dying? More so, what good is it if there’s no people to fight for? The world is just getting harder to live in, especially in this paradox of a country where poverty and obesity coexist, and healthcare can make a huge change in the gross cycle our country is currently in.

– Aaliyah Thomas

I do not think the government should provide universal healthcare. I think a capitalistic approach to healthcare works better. Practicing healthcare professionals or insurance agencies competing with one another will ensure excellent healthcare. Money is a great incentive to try and be the best you can possibly be. Universal healthcare doesn’t promote excellence, only affordability. I’m sure there are people in a universal healthcare system who still strive for excellence but I feel like it would be much less common.

– Colin Loo

Yes, I believe that healthcare should be free. I believe if places outside of America can do it, I’m sure we can. There may be some sacrifice, but it will benefit everyone. There will be less likely for issues healthwise and things like cancer, tumors and any illnesses will be caught early on. Things that kill people could be stopped. Families won’t have to create GoFunds to help their loved ones. We would be in a better health and mental state as a country.

Many families go into debt, struggle or don’t even go to the doctors’ due to the healthcare fees. No one wants to call 911 or ride in the ambulance due to how expensive it is. People rather ignore injuries and illnesses that could be life-threatening instead of getting billed at a doctor’s or hospitals.

– Kawohi Kahale