Where are the best places to study on the WCC campus? Why?

I think the best place to study on campus is the bottom floor of the library right in front of the big glass window. It is quiet, and there are not many distractions because most people tend to stay on the middle floor of the library so most of the time you get a lot of space to yourself. Also, from the window you get a nice view of the grassy field on the side of the library and the Ko’olau over the tops of the trees. If you plan on going there in the morning to afternoon time, there is a good amount of sunlight that comes through the window that keeps you warm. In all it’s really the atmosphere and the tranquility you get from being there that makes this my favorite spot to study on campus.

– Kaimana Lau

I like to study by Hale A‘o on the picnic tables because being surrounded by just the natural world of plants and animals gives me a calming effect and allows my creativity to flow but also depending what time you go it is a great place to meet new people and/or just have lunch. I also really like the lobbies of places such as Hale Na‘auao and Hale Mānaleo because being in a covered area is helpful and the quiet space allows you to keep focus when you just need some time to study or work. Also the chairs are really comfortable.

– La‘amaikahiki Chartrand

The first place I would consider the best places to study is the library. The library contains hundreds of books that you can use for research on topics. As well as labs such as writing, speech, math. Itʻs quiet and there are librarians who are willing to answer questions you have about school and assignments.

Another place is the Student Activity Center or SAC. This place has computers you can access. Many people come there so you can ask questions about subjects. Thereʻs free printing and there are teachers who can help as well. There are even games to help you relax when frustrated.

Another place you can go is TRiO center. They have many tutors you can ask for help. They have free printing and teachers who can help with subjects as well. There are many who give free advice about how to study. It’s really quiet as well so you can concentrate too.

– Michael Ahuna

At Windward Community College, the two years I’ve been here hands down the best place for me to study is at TRiO and at the library. First, TRiO has everything free from tutors, printing and food! Second, they have many resources available including a computer section with 20+ computers available and laptops available. Also you can choose between working in the computer area, roomy area with couches and desks or private rooms for just you or a group that’s more secluded. Third, the helpers/workers have the best aloha attitude ever! Always willing to help and very convenient when needing help with anything. I can go on and on about TRiO but moving on to another great study area is the library.

First, they give you three different floors with different things for you to use to your convenience. Top floor–self study along with lots of book resources and films. Middle floor–computer area with 30+ computers including laptops to borrow. And the bottom floor–group tables and comfortable seating! Second, private rooms that really come in handy with white boards to use and pens and markers and erasers to borrow. Also you can even book these rooms in advance.

– Josephine Kane