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Code blue phones are down across campus, but Windward Community College administration is working to upgrade the phones to make them operational again - Kala Lindsey

WCC aims to be a safe place for all

Imagine you are finishing up your last class of the day at WCC. It’s evening and just starting to get dark. Suddenly, you find yourself in a bad situation. Maybe you spot an unfamiliar figure standing by your car in the parking lot. Maybe you spot two people getting into […]

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Brandon DiPaola performs with fellow WCC student Kainoa Makua - Courtesy of Brandon DiPaola

Theatre student makes loud impression at East 15

For those interested in watching the rise of a celebrity, WCC student and performing arts teaching assistant Brandon DiPaola, 28, is someone to keep an eye on. During a study abroad trip to the United Kingdom (U.K.) this summer with WCC’s theatre program, DiPaola auditioned for and was accepted into […]

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Students in the Polynesian Voyaging lab sail around Kualoa -Courtesy of Leimomi Dierks

Polynesian voyaging classes teach students navigation and culture

This year, 20 students will learn the skills of ancient Polynesian voyagers in SCI 160: Polynesian Voyaging and Seamanship. From learning how to rig a canoe to actually sailing out on the ocean, the course, which has both lecture and lab sections, aims to  teach students about Hawaiian history and […]

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Student Shelly Sarcilla works with a resident at Ann Pearl Care Home - Courtesy of Noe Puaauli

CNA program helps to directly connect Windward students to local employers

The Hawai‘i Department of Labor and Industrial Relations recently awarded WCC’s Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Apprenticeship Program a contract that supports paid apprenticeship positions with one of 10 employer-partners. “We will guide each CNA or nurse aide with employer-partners that match their career plans,” said Jamie Boyd, WCC’s director for […]

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Nanette Napoleon gives a tour of O‘ahu
Cemetery to WCC students - Leighland Tagawa

WCC writing club takes tour of O‘ahu Cemetery

  On April 17, the WCC writing club went on a tour of O‘ahu Cemetery in Nu‘uanu. Club adviser and WCC English instructor Susan St. John took the students to the cemetery to learn and write about the people buried there. The tour group consisted of club members and students […]

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WCC theatre students set to test their skills abroad

WCC theatre students set to test their skills abroad

  This summer, WCC is offering a two-week intensive study abroad experience in the United Kingdom (UK) for theatre students. The first week will be in London where students will take workshops at the East 15 Acting School that focus on Acting, Voice, Movement and Shakespeare in Performance. The students […]

Windward Community College students experienced Maori culture during a trip to New Zealand over spring break -

WCC students venture to New Zealand

Over spring break, a contingent from WCC made up of students, faculty and administrators traveled to New Zealand for an 8-day study abroad experience that included cultural learning as well as sight-seeing and adventure. Twenty-one students participated, most of whom were enrolled in Hawaiian studies instructor Makanani Salā’s HWN 296: […]

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