Abortions make up only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood's services –Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

House Republicans target Planned Parenthood

  During the Obama administration, states were prohibited from withholding federal Title X funds from health centers like Planned Parenthood that provided abortion services. However, on Feb. 16, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted 230 to 188 against funding for Planned Parenthood. As House Speaker Paul Ryan stated during […]

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Cynthia Lee Sinclair stands at the entrance of a marae, a sacred meeting grounds for Maori –Cynthia Lee Sinclair

Examining domestic violence in New Zealand

  My passion is helping domestic violence (DV) and child abuse (CA) victims. It is the impetus for my study abroad adventure this semester. My first stop is New Zealand where ironically there is a very high incidence of DV and CA. I say ironically because Maori culture places a […]

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Follow Cynthia around the world

Follow Cynthia around the world

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Graphic by Armi Habal

Sustainability Matters

… with Christian Palmer   Improving Campus Recycling   In this monthly column, anthropology instructor and faculty chair of the sustainability curriculum committee Christian Palmer shares with us the latest developments WCC is taking toward becoming a more sustainable campus.   Serious efforts to increase recycling in Hawai‘i only started […]

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Image by Patrick Hascall

Valentine’s Day stems from a complex past

  Every February 14 brings an abundance of chocolates, roses and glittery cards. But Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about dinner dates and tokens of affection. The holiday dates back to the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia, a celebration that took place from February 13 to February 15 in which shepherds sought […]

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Uala Leaf Café offers local favorites and heart-healthy food options -Photo by Leighland Tagawa

Uala Leaf Café increases prices of menu items

  On Jan. 20, the Uala Leaf Cafe celebrated its one-year anniversary with complimentary cake for diners. It also increased menu prices. “We decided that at this point and time it would be good to increase the prices,” said Charlene Akina, WCC workforce development coordinator. “We are trying to become […]

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Students from JOUR 250, JOUR 270 and JOUR 285V get a behind-the-scenes look of Hawai‘i News Now – Darlene Lee

Journalism students go behind-the-scenes with media

  This semester, WCC journalism students explored various aspects of journalism and media through special events and guest speakers.   Social media strategists September 27 and 28   JOUR 150 and 250 were visited by members of the U.S. Department of Defense social media team, who shared how they use […]

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