What would be your dream vacation and why?

My dream vacation would be a tour around the world. I would like to spend time visiting places that have had an impact on history and our way of life today. I’d also like to visit places that have interesting histories, places, etc. For example, I’d like to visit Rome, Egypt and Machu Picchu.
–Spencer Sonada

My dream vacation would be to go to Venice because the city is built on water and I always thought it looked so magical or a place I could escape and forget about all my worries. I think it would be nice to go somewhere that is completely different than Hawai’i and Venice would be 100 times different in scenery compared to O‘ahu, it would be so nice to see a different world than mine. I grew up in Hawai‘i and have left twice to the mainland (San Francisco and New York). It was amazing to see all the different places and taste the different foods as well as meeting new people. Another reason why I would like to go to Venice is I always thought it would be fun or romantic to go on one of the Venetian rowing boats around the town. Also I would like to visit all the shops, attractions, restaurants, spas and relax in a fancy hotel to top the day.
–Nicole Akiona

My dream vacation would be going to Monte Carlo in France because it’s been my dream place ever since I was in high school. It’s a beautiful place to visit and I want to make it happen someday. The weather is great most of the year between March and September. The beaches are okay, not the best in the world, but can be acceptable. Just by watching movies, it’s a beautiful setting. I want to make my visit there around summer because they get pretty busy around that time of the year.
–Melvin Jack

My dream vacation would be a summer cross country trip in a motor home, starting from the east coast of the United States and working my way to the west coast by attending music festivals and concerts along the way. It would start in the northeast in Boston and New York by checking out the Statue of Liberty and maybe catch a Red Sox-Yankee game then cruising down the coast to see the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. and checking out the monuments. Then head west through Nashville, Tennessee, for the Bon-A-Roo music festival and seeing the Grand Ole Opry House. Progressing through the middle of the country attending music festivals at famous music venues in New Orleans and Red Rocks in Colorado and ending up in California with a trip to the giant redwoods in Humboldt to see Reggae on the River. It would be a zig-zag across the entire country experiencing and enjoying some of the best musical groups and acts in the United States.
–Ian Jenss

My dream vacation would be to go to the Bahamas. When I go there, I would love to stay at a five-star hotel with full service and spa. I would love to do very exciting things such as swimming with sharks, go on jet skis, go snorkeling and eat very exotic foods. This is my dream vacation because I live in Hawai‘i. This is paradise to many people, but because I live here I am used to it, so itʻs not that exciting to me. The closest thing to paradise would be the Bahamas. The water is beautiful and so blue and clear. I would love to wake up to waves crashing against the sand and the sight of ocean when I wake up. The Bahamas will always be my dream vacation.
–Bradina Anae Anae

Although I have been traveling back to this place constantly, my dream vacation is still American Samoa because it is where my heart is. Every time I return to American Samoa, excitement is the first thing I feel. I am immensely proud that I have had and still have the opportunity to go back to my roots and build a stronger bond with my culture and family each and every time. A dream vacation for me is being with my loved ones, having a great time, cracking jokes and simply cherishing every moment I get with them. Time is valuable.
–Salamasina Te‘i

My dream vacation is visiting California with my close friends. I say friends because traveling with family is nice, but you don’t get that same freeness that you do with friends. Also, with friends you all would have pretty similar interest in where to go. I say California because there is so much fun things to do there! Disneyland, good food places, museums, etc. We’ve all been wanting to go for awhile now. That being said, I already have an idea in my head of what it would be like, and it seems pretty amazing.
–Rachelle Kozuma