What do you like and/or dislike about distance learning? How does distance learning compare to face-to-face classes?

The majority of WCC’s courses have been online since March
and will continue so through spring 2021.– Pixabay

I like that distance learning allows me to have more time throughout my day and not having to worry about being late to classes or having to schedule around work. I do miss being able to easily talk face-to-face to my teachers and peers. It is a little difficult now that everyone’s on their own time. 

– Carli-Rachel Lapinad

I honestly like distance learning. It allows me to have a more relaxed and focused way of learning instead of stuffing me into an unknown environment where I would surely be uncomfortable. While there are big differences and absorbing material is a bit more difficult, distance learning does have its benefits and pitfalls.

– Kennedy Flores

There is so much to say for what I dislike and like about distance learning. My biggest dislike about distance learning is that some teachers expect a lot more things from us in one week. Also, being home basically all week makes my grandparents feel like I have more time on my hands, but I really don’t. But to sum it up, I dislike the fact that I don’t get to socialize with many people. As for what I like about distance learning, I love working at my own pace and I can take a bunch of my work on the go with me. Personally, I have no idea how distance learning compares to face-to-face classes because to me it doesn’t feel the same.

– Jaylyn Reyes

In my opinion, online classes are substandard. In-person classes are definitely more engaging and I actually enjoyed them. The switch to distance learning has really affected my performance and my drive to do good. There really is no comparison. I feel I am not learning nearly as much as before. I am technically saving money on gas and other travel expenses. I live about 45 minutes away from school. However if I had the choice, I would still choose in-person over online classes.

– Jonathan Aranton

I have five classes total this semester, two asynchronous classes, two that meet twice a week via Zoom, and one that meets once a week via Zoom. My two asynchronous classes are great because I can complete those assignments on my own time which makes it easier to manage. My Zoom classes are great because I get to see and talk to my professors and classmates. This makes learning the content more comprehensible for me. I also have three children doing distant learning as well, so it took some getting used to. But we found our niche and are able to get our work done as needed. I also have a newborn (5 months at the moment) and between mommy duties and all of our distant learning, being home has made life much easier to accomplish. Although distant learning has been going great, I do miss having some “me time” while attending face-to-face classes. The social aspect of face-to-face classes is probably what I miss the most. 

– Kaipo Correa

For the most part, I do not like distance learning because of the inability to have face-to-face communication with other students and my professor. I feel with distance learning, sometimes I am on my own because I don’t have the direction and knowledge of my professor at my fingertips. With face-to-face learning, I can not only collaborate with my classmates and share valuable knowledge but also get guidance and hands-on direction from my professor which I cannot do with distance learning. However, one thing that is good about distance learning is that most of my classes are asynchronous, which means that I can get online whenever and can make plans during the day and do my classwork when I get home later. Also, with distance learning we can never get the true hands-on experiences that can only be achieved by in-person learning such as some lab courses which require the use of specialized equipment and programs that only the institution can provide.

– Sheldon Hu

Distance learning has been a completely different experience for me. Before the COVID-19 crisis, I had only taken face-to-face classes and never took an online course. Some things that I like about distance learning is that it is more convenient. For example, you are in the comfort of your home and you don’t need to travel to campus for your classes. Another thing that I like about distance learning is that you are able to do your work on your own time and that you are able to turn in all of your work via online versus in person. However, there are some things that I dislike about distance learning. One thing that I dislike is that if you need help on a concept, you have to either send an email or schedule an appointment with your professor on Zoom. I feel that this can be tough because your schedule might not match with your professor’s office hours. Also it can be difficult to describe your problem through email and there may be a wait period before your professor can get back to you.

– Brenda Nekonishi

Regarding distance learning, I do not like it at all. I thought I would be able to handle 5 classes online but I cannot at all. I did not realize how much I relied on face-to-face interactions till this semester got going. I do not like that I cannot be in person in class and be able to just learn more hands-on. For example, I love math so much but now I completely can’t stand it. Having to stare at a screen not only gives me a headache but is also hard to focus on especially if you are anywhere but in the classroom. Classrooms in my opinion are such an excellent place to learn because distractions are limited, you are disciplined more in a sense that you focus more, and there is no way you could simply tune out or walk away.

Schoen Scott, Jr.

I hate the fact that I have no facilities to use on the weekend since TRiO is closed and I have no printer and take care of my four younger in-school sisters on weekdays but we have learned to make do with what we have now. Distance learning is a good thing when it comes to time saving. I don’t have to take 3 hours out of my day catching the bus to and from school with a child on my hip. In-person interaction is really important especially to get the feel of things and to soak in the aura of the room (which helps me to be alert and stay intrigued during class) but I think what we’re doing now is just fine. In fact, distance learning has proven that everyone is different when it comes to methods of learning. The kids that have been getting straight As all their lives are now struggling, and the kids who have been made to believe that they’re not cut out for school have been able to keep afloat and earn good grades for the first time in their lives.

– Cure Sulunga