What have you learned about yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 has upended the world in ways both great and small. – Pixabay

During the pandemic, I discovered a few new hobbies such as cooking and making certain crafts. I also learned that I am pretty responsible as I manage my time between school, work and my free time. Most importantly, I discovered that I have a pretty good attitude and mindset because I do not let COVID get in the way of my goals, do not use COVID as an excuse, and I do not let it make me sad or anxious. 

– Shyanne Macariola

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, my lifestyle has changed. I had to make adjustments to do my personal exercise route, learn virtually, working, schooling and visiting doctors. Most of all, I felt somewhat isolated, lonesome and stuffed up from having less socialization with friends and family. I have become more dependent on technology and staying at home.

– Sarah Chun

I learned many things about myself during this pandemic. During this pandemic, I have lost two of my family members during this time. By this, I learned that we shouldn’t take advantage and be thankful for the small things in life (having a house, a car, a job, and many other things that we have or use in our daily life). Although I had loss in my family, many other people have lost more by losing their houses, jobs and many other things during this pandemic. In addition, I learned to be more confident in myself since life is short and we don’t know when anything is going to end in our life. From this, I became more myself in front of people (I was always more conservative when by people and it took a long time for me to be myself by people).

– Sydney Yamasaki

I have learned a handful of things about myself, but I have started to rediscover my passion for baking and cooking. I loved to bake growing up, but once I began high school is when I would only bake when I wanted to or when it was requested by my family to bake something. As for cooking, I always cooked whether it was something simple or something more time consuming. During the COVID-19 pandemic, being home made me start cooking more frequently and getting creative with various meals.

– Jaylyn Reyes

COVID-19 has made me more paranoid and anxious. Before this, I loved shopping and had no problem with it. Since the shutdown, I hate the thought of needing to go to the store. It’s bad enough I’m surrounded by people all day long and just the thought of having to be exposed to more people makes me anxious. I have to force myself to go shopping for groceries. I wait until the very last moment to go and do a big haul to last us for a month. Besides that, I’ve learned just how important staying connected with friends and family is for my sanity. Also, that I can make do without a lot of what I thought was necessary.

– Chantelle Castro

These last few months have been strange but extremely eye-opening at the same time. Although my life has completely shifted, this pandemic has given me the opportunity to focus on myself, catch my breath, and pay closer attention to what truly matters. I didn’t realize how hectic my pre-COVID life was until the world was put on pause, but one thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’ve become more self-aware and appreciative of what I have. I’ve also realized that I’m more of an introvert than I initially thought. I’m usually out all day and prefer to be around people. And after months of not seeing my friends and getting together to hang out, I see how there’s a side of me that really needs and likes my alone time.

– Gerilyn Fernandez